Where the Hell is Emily?

Where the Hell is Emily (E6)- streets of Lagos

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Where the Hell is Emily (E6)- streets of Lagos

Episode 6

Streets of Lagos.

It’s been just few hours since the virus flooded Lagos, but here is the streets of Lagos looking like a country that has been evaded for years. Everywhere calm and lonely, the once over crowded Lagos is now looking as if nobody lives in it.

Following the news where all inhabitants of the state and its sister states were asked to remain indoors with their doors and windows closed till the virus is subdued, one would get a good picture to why the streets of Lagos has turned out to be a direct opposite of what it was once known for.

Mike came out of the bathroom only to notice that Kate was nowhere to be found. He feared that the young girl might have gone to join the band wagon of people called out to help combat the virus.

He was worried, angry, furious, confused and frustrated. He quickly took off his towel which was wrapped around his waist, he wore his under wears, a shirt and a trouser, then, he grabbed his wrist watch, shoes and car keys as he reached out to the exit door.

He opened the door, went straight to his car and started the engines. It was then that he noticed the unusual loneliness in the streets of Lagos. Since there are no cars or public drivers on the road, that means she was moving on foot. He drove to a certain Junction just to see Kate walking like she is about to lose a trophy.

“Kate!” Mike called out to her so she would stop immediately, but it looks like his signal which was suppose to make Kate stop did the direct opposite.

Kate started running as fast as her legs could carry her on seeing Mike around. Mike got down from the car and pursued her.

“What on earth are you thinking?, do you even know how dangerous it is to walk on a lonley road.” Mike fired.

“Pls leave me Mike, let me be” Kate replied.

“You are walking into a death trap, it is highly advisable you come back with me now!” Mike stated.

“I have made up my mind and that is final” Kate says as she posed in a way that tells Mike that there is noting going to change her mind.

“OK .. If you say so .. You can go” Mike said

Kate was shocked, “I ca…n go?” She asked

“You heard me” Mike said as he turns back to meet his car.

Kate turned in opposite direction and started going to the place of her wish. She could notice Mike start his car engines and about to leave. Suddenly, a car drove past her and halts few kilometers away from her.

“Run and Enter the car before I change my mind” Mike notified Kate.

“I said I am not going back with you” Kate clarified.

“Who said I am going back home?” Mike clears the air.

Kate was happy, she quickly entered the car and Mike drove off.

“Hard guy, hard guy, now you have decided to follow me.. ” Kate said.

“I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything happens to you.. I would rather walk into the death trap with you than allow you walk alone” Mike said..

Kate laughs “who is all this romantic message for .. Haha .. Mike abeg ohhh” she said .. Lights fade.

To be continued…

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