Who am i ? - a life changing inspirational article to reveal your true self.

Who am i ? – a life changing inspirational article to reveal your true self.


First of all .. I want to ask ..who do you think you are? .. ” Someone my Mum says i am” .. Or “Someone my friends made me to be” Or “Someone who is just adapting to where i saw myself” ..

Who do you really think you are ? .. . if the answer is not ” i am who i made myself to become ” then you are making a big mistake ..

Yes .. There are many Factors that are capable of influencing an individual right from birth and the number one factor is Socialization. But these factors doesn’t define who you truly are..

“I have a group of friends that always smoke and drink .. I grew up with them and they have influenced me into doing what they do”. My brother / sister .. Wake up! . you are just deceiving yourself ..

“My Mum Said i will be a Doctor when i grow up .. Although i like acting . but i will follow what my Mum says .” Dear . you need to stop dreaming ..

Without wasting much of your time .. Let me give you three hints that should follow you where ever you are going to …

  1. Nobody Can influence you without your permission ..
  2. Nobody can decide what you are except you permit them ..
  3. Your dreams can come true .. If you work towards them.
  4. You are what you make yourself to become.
  5. You are who you are.
  1. Nobody can influence you without your permission..

Yes its true that nobody can influence you without your permission.. Like i said before .. There are agents of socialization which tends to influence us from a very young age .. These agents, tends to make us learn from our immediate environment. We tend to imitate the ways of others .. How they talk, walk, culture etc . .. But as we grow .. We also find out that there are also things that tends to influence us negatively .. These are the things we have been living with .. eg our friends, family or environment .. As you grow .. You tend to imitate these set of people you find yourself with .. Both in their good and bad deeds .. Eg you grew up in a christian home with bad friends .. You will see yourself acting like a saint at home but a bad boy outside.. You grew up in a ghetto filled with touts .. You see yourself acting like one of those touts .. Yes .. Influence happen Naturally . but am telling you today that you have the power to choose what influences you … Have you seen a child from a very bad family, like a family with a long bloodline of chief priests .. Turn to a reverend or Bishop of a big Church .. Or have you seen a child from a poor background become rich .. Or one who has a bad set of friends who will always want to lure him into doing what they do but instead he was able to make them fellowship with him in the same church .. Yes all these happens .. And its all about Determination.. And choosing what influence you ..

That you friends chase women ..doesn’t mean you should join them, force them to be like you or stop being friends with them .. No!!! .. You can simply seize to accept that lifestyle and still be friends with them .. You don’t have to be influenced into doing things that you don’t like.. Learn how to say No..

2. Nobody can decide what you are except you permit them ..

Yes .. Even your parents have no right to force you into becoming what you don’t want to be..but If they do force you .. Please don’t yell at them .. Just sit and explain to them .. We will be dropping an article on how to tell your parents about your choice.. When they said you will be something you don’t want to be .later ..

What you want to be should be your decision .. And while making that decision .. Go for something you like doing .. That is, your passion ..

3. Your dreams can come true if you work towards them.

Yes .. Your dreams can all be true .. But the question is .. Are you ready to work towards it . or Are you just folding your hands waiting for Miracle . to become doctor. You should know that you are supposed to be reading better than that financial accounting student in your street .. But you just relax ..waiting to be doctor by miracle .. May God have mercy on you .. Later you start changing course .. That’s how you will end up graduating as a fishery and agricultural student.. . what you are is all about how you plan what you do .. And who you made yourself to become.

When you work towards your dreams .. You will surely fulfil them ..

You are what you make yourself become and you are who you are ..

Yes .. You made yourself a doctor ..now you are enjoying.. You made your self a barrow pusher .. That’s what you are ..

Its all about hard work and passion and God also ..

Once you follow these instructions .. You will definitely be a better person in future . ..

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