Why is Good Friday called "Good" Friday? See this ! 

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday? – See this ! 


I have been thinking about this for a while now, the so called “good Friday” is a day we remember the death of Jesus Christ. If our savior Jesus Christ died on that day, why call it “good” Friday? Are we celebration the death of Jesus Christ or are we supposed to morn him – Why is Good Friday called Good Friday? – See this ! 

The death of Jesus Christ is a very sad event and also a sad news. If there is anything to be added to the Friday, its supposed to be bad Friday or even sorrowful Friday. But instead, we call it good Friday. Why the “good”.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

This has been bothering me a lot till I went out to ask questions.. I asked my Mum and she said.

Yes, Jesus Christ died on good Friday. Its was a sad event, but why its called “good Friday is because, Jesus Christ didn’t just die like any mortal man. He died to save us from sin. His death brought salvation to mankind, his death on the cross broke the barrier between God and man. This was well illustrated when the temple curtains tore into two after the death of Jesus Christ, leaving the alter visible. Its called “good Friday” because his death which is supposed to be a sad event, brought good things to man. Though we still morn him till after 3 days. This is when he will resurrect and ascend to heaven”

Now I understand better, its called Good Friday because his death brought redemption to mankind. He saved us from sin and because of this, the good was added to the Friday..

That’s a very nice teaching by my mum .. Hope you learnt something, share to others too so they would also learn.

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