About Divplanet

Who we are.

Looking for the best spot for entertainment? Divplanet is the best place for you. 

Divplanet.com is an entertainment site, offering a wide range of entertainment. News, Celebrity gossip, stories and hacks. Divplanet focus more on Stories. stories here, means any event you can think of. it can be novels, an event or news about a particular incident. We also have lots of Amazing stories in stock for you. 

What we do.

We serve you with everything you need to make your day fun and bright.

We also offer a wide range of advertisement space to business men out there who want to harness from our traffic.

We also provide means of earning to young youths out there. More about this will be updated soon. 

How old are we

Divplanet was born on 1st July 2019. It was created by Okoye .C. Divine who happens to be a creative writer. Funny enough, Okoye .C. Divine also celebrates his birthday on 1st July.

Divplanet – what it means

Divplanet was formed by Divine, it means Divine’s Planet.  Its a platform where the writer showcase his creative works, this is definitely his world and the contents in this website is his creations, so he named it Divplanet.