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Ad formats/types


Advertise with us

Story Takeover

Sponsor a Story

Sponsored Post

Category ads

Banner Ads

Video Ads

Link Ads

1. Story Takeover

As the name implies, when you book a story takeover ads with us, our next story on Divplanet Monthly Episodic series would be about your business. Divplanet post 4 Episodic stories every month with each story having a minimum of 100,000+ views. For story takeover, we have just 2 slots for the Month. This means that only 2 stories out of the 4 Monthly stories is for story takeover. Here, your business will be the point of concentration in the story. For example, one of the stories out of the 4 is titled “go for it” and you offer Online Education services. The story will reflect on the needs for people to go for your courses, by drafting a protagonist who succeeded in it. This ad format is suitable for businesses that sell products or offer services. For more information about this, contact us with our contact details below.

2. Sponsor a Story

This ad format is reserved for the other 2 Episodic stories. This ad type has just 4 slots for the month. 2 slots per story. Here, each Episode of the story will contain a “proudly sponsored by (main sponsor) in Association with (associate sponsor).” This will appear 3 times as a link text in between paragraphs of each episode.

This ad type has the main sponsor and an associate sponsor. Detailed Information about the sponsors would be displayed at the end of each Episode. 

3. Sponsored post

This is a promotional post that will appear as a sticky post on Divplanet for one week (or longer if you want)

4. Category Ads

For Maximum targeting, you can choose to advertise your post on any category on Divplanet.

5. Banner Ads

We have a lot of space for your banners. And we accept all banner sizes. Our banner ads are responsive. 

6. Video ads

Your ads in video format. We accept video ads not more than 30 seconds.

7. Link ads

Link ads appear in between posts and paragraph.

Which is the best ad format for you? Contact us with your budget let’s help you make a decision. 

Bonus: We will post your ads on all our social Media platforms for free ! 

Any question? Also contact us.. 

We accept payment for ads for as low as NGN 1,000,  Let’s get Started Now!!

Ads Rate

Story takeover –  ₦20,000

Sponsor a story :

  • Main Sponsor – ₦10,000
  • Associate Sponsor –  ₦6,500

Sponsored post –  ₦5,000

(appears as sticky post for one week..  ₦3,000 each for additional weeks)

Category ads –

  •   ₦750 per day
  •   ₦5,000 Per week
  •   ₦19,500 per month

Banner Ads

Coming soon .. You can contact us for banner ads rate.

Video ads 

  •   ₦900 per day
  •   ₦6,000 Per week
  •   ₦26,500 per month

Link ads

  •   ₦500 per day
  •   ₦3,300 Per week
  •   ₦14,500 per month

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