It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E21)- Run.. Oscar Run!

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E21)- Run.. Oscar Run!

Episode 21 

Run, Oscar Run! 

Mrs Nwauba’s sitting room for the first time since she parked into the apartment had a scarcity of seat for their guest as almost everybody in the compound gathered to hear the full gist. 

She had to go from room to room in her three bedroom flat to look for extra plastic chairs. 

“This is very strange, I know the missing of Stacy is strange, but why on earth would the detective accuse Mrs. Nwauba for killing her?” 

“That’s how they behave, they are looking for statement. This is exactly how they accused my cousin months ago” 

The discussion continued amongst the neighbors as Mrs Nwauba joined them with two extra plastic chairs. 

Oscar and his wife quietly sneaked out and went to the backyard. 

“Did you destroy the camera?” Oscar questioned Amaka. 

“Camera you just saved, it’s like you want to turn me to a bad person in this compound” Amaka replied. 

Oscar made a sign with his eyes that expresses whatever. 

“Then that means you deleted the pictures” Oscar asked again.

“Hell no” Amaka replied. 

Oscar was about to loose his mind when Amaka revealed the latest to him. 

“Calm down cow boy, I have the memory card”  Amaka said flaunting the card round Oscar’s eyes. 

“Break it, destroy it now!” Oscar ordered. 

Just then, police sirene was heard from east and west as speeding vehicles on convoy drove past the wide opened gate in something that looks like the speed of light and halted in the middle of the compound. 

Immediately, heavily armed men jumped down from the gigantic looking vehicles with a rush that made it seem as if third world war has just began. 

Sighted behind the detective was Mr. Ayomide himself. 

“Arrest everybody” Mr. Ayomide ordered.

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The police with minds of stone started breaking into each and every flat in the compound, arresting both the young and old. 

Oscar and his wife has rushed from the backyard to the front of the compound to see what was happening only to be spotted by the detective. 

“see him sir, this is the man that started the assult” the detective complained. 

“Get him!” Mr. Ayomide ordered as five hefty police officers alongside the detective took to their heels in pursuit of Oscar. 

“Run … Oscar Run!” Amaka screemed as Oscar dragged her by the hand, just then, a gunshot was heard. 

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