Author Biography Of Akponwei John Michael

Author Biography Of Akponwei John Michael

Thousands of people keep asking, “Who is Akponwei John Michael?”
Here we are;

Biography Of Akponwei John Michael

I’m Akponwei John Michael. A writer and storyteller. My writings includes: novels, novella, movie scripts, essays, fictions and poems.
I was born and nurtured at Rivers State, grew up at Bayelsa state, where I obtained my primary and high school education.
I am of the Ijaw extraction, in Sabagriea, Kolokuma Local Givernment Area, Bayelsa state, Nigeria.
Apparently, I’m a Christian. I was nicknamed by my mum, ‘Yinaweibadei’ which in her local dialect, implies ‘God is the greatest’.
I’m the founder of the popular literature Facebook community group, called ‘NOVEL ADDICTS’, which has an estimated population of over 500 thousand readers and writers around the globe.
Author Biography Of Akponwei John Michael
Author Biography Of Akponwei John Michael
My interest in writing is to make my thoughts visible to the world, and transform lives through it’s positive impact.
I’m an  introvert, an emotional beast, and also a Lucky Dube’s music freak.
I’m a human with a mind, so extraordinary like the untamed wind in the desert, so mysterious like the seven doves of Antarctica.
My thoughts are like the human artery, that channels ideas to the outside world.
That’s one reason I’m known as ‘A TIDE OF DRIZZLING INSPIRATION’.
You can follow me for more inspiring contents on the following social media walls;
FACEBOOK PAGES: Akponwei John Michael & Akponwei J. Michael official.
INSTAGRAM: akponwei_john_michael
Be inspired!
Once again, before and after now, I still remain my humble self, Akponwei John Michael, a tide of drizzling inspiration.
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