Best African Universities For Foreign Students

Best African Universities For Foreign Students

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Education is without doubt an organic structure that keeps growing and evolving with the human mind, that is why today, we will be talking about the Best African Universities For Foreign Students.

Although the goal is the same, every nation’s education system and principles greatly differ. For example, a recommendation letter is often a prerequisite for applying to any of the top African university. Luckily, you can hire a professional writer from any of the case study writing service for your varsity writing needs if you don’t have enough time by your side or skills.

Studying abroad is however, one of the best experiences for any college student. Learning in a foreign country provides an opportunity to see the world from a completely different perspective, enjoy a different style and method of education, and take in the culture and allure of a new land. You can also however, find new interests, friends, and career opportunities. If you’re looking to study in the great black continent Africa, below are the best universities in Africa for international students.

Best African Universities For Foreign Students

Below is a list of the Best African Universities For Foreign Students

  1. University of Cape Town
  2. University of Witwatersrand
  3. Stellenbosch University
  4. University of Ibadan
  5. Cairo University
  6. University of Kwazulu Natal
  7. University of Johannesburg

1.      University of Cape Town

The South African University of Cape Town was established in the year 1829. Although it first came by a different name, it is the oldest in Sub-Saharan region of Africa. It is home to over 30,500 students and has a total of 57 departments covering six major faculties.

UCT (being the shortform of  University of Cape Town) is seen as the most prestigious university in Africa, it has six campuses, and it’s commerce, medicine, and law facilities rank high among the hundred best known internationally. Five alumni, staff members, and good researchers associated with the school have won the Nobel Prize, and the school has won various awards and good recognitions.

Out of the over 30,500 undergraduates and postgraduates at the Varsity of Cape Town, more than 5000 are from over 100 countries around the world. There is also more than 300 foreign staff, and since the cost of living is very low, it is a top African university for international students.

2.      University of Witwatersrand

The popular University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, or simply called ‘Wits’, is another top university with the best learning environment for indigines and foreigners. The school is also located in South Africa, the university is however, a public research institution and is the third oldest university in the country. Wits has a total of 42,175 plus students, which includes over 3,500 international enrollers and 305 international academic staff.

The institution offers 3000 courses from it’s 33 schools and five faculties, which includes sciences, commerce, law, management, engineering, humanities, and lastly health sciences. The racial composition of students in the school includes black, white, Indian, colored, and Chinese.

3.      Stellenbosch University

South Africa offers the best education in this continent, Africa. Therefore, it is very unsurprising that the top three best African universities for international students are South African institutions. Stellenbosch University ties as the oldest university in the country and sub-Saharan Africa with the University of Cape Town.

Also referred to as or known as SU, it designed and manufactured the SUNSAT – The Africa’s first microsatellite.

The institution’s language policy however promotes multilingualism to ensure accessibility for all of it’s students. In 2018, SU had over 31,756 attendees, which includes 4000 international students representing 12 nationalities. There are 150 departments divided among ten outstanding  faculties and 34 residence halls.

4.      University of Ibadan, Nigeria

The University of Ibadan, also known as UI, is currently ranking as the best university in Nigeria. Established in the year 1948, it became an independent institution in the year 1962 and has contributed to the country’s educational development.

It consists of 92 academic departments organized into outstanding  17 faculties, and 15 halls of residence provide accommodation for 30% of the student population. Out of the over 41,743 students, 2,176 are international students.

The institution has always continued to make the list of the top 10 African universities in webometrics rankings – this is a ranking system for the world’s universities.

5.      Cairo University

Cairo University, also known as Egyptian University, was founded in the year 1908 as the country’s premier public university. It is the second oldest higher institution in the country and it enrolls more than 231,000 students in it’s 28 faculties.

Cairo University is home to more than 9,000 international students, this is the highest of any varsity mentioned above. It is however, the preferred school of choice for medical studies, as it was one of the first medical schools in the Middle East and Africa at large.

6.      University of KwaZulu Natal

The University of Kwazulu Natal is also another South African varsity where you’ll thrive as a foreign student. The college started in the year 2004 as a varsity merger between the Durban-Westville and Kwazulu Natal and has risen to become one of the top higher institutions in the continent today.

The varsity has just four colleges, consisting of several schools, and is geographically divided into five different campuses. It is also home to various student organizations and has a very strong reputation in engineering, mathematics, technology, and science. There are currently over 1,111 international students,  which is 3% of the total school population.

7.      University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg is a merger between Rand Afrikaans, Technikon Witwatersrand, and Vista universities. Although it is a relatively new one that started in the year 2005, it is currently one of the largest comprehensive contact universities in the whole of South Africa.

The school has a population of over 50,000, and over 3000 are international students from 80 different countries. It has four major campuses and eight faculties and is one of the best places to study in Africa.

Best African Universities For Foreign Students
Best African Universities For Foreign Students

In Conclusion

Summary of the Best African Universities For Foreign Students

The African continent is brimming with alot of opportunities. With everyone clamoring and gushing to study abroad in Europe and the Americas, a study trip to these African universities could however, be the missing piece you’ve been searching for. Not just for people from other continents but even students from other African countries too.

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