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The LAGOS National Police found three heads in a student’s bag last night around 10pm. A young man, about 20 years, with a large handbag, got into a taxi lastnight. The vigilant driver smelled a strong odor coming from the youngster’s bag . The horrible smell made the driver to suspect something, who then used the headlight of his car to alert the police to AJAH junction check point, but because of 100 naira the police didn’t even notice anything.
When the driver arrived at the bye pass, he set off the alarm, held the young guy and alert the police to search the young man bag. Many people were afraid . One of the Police was shocked when he opened the young man’s bag and found three heads in the young man’s bag. After examination of the heads, it was found that the heads were well known.
It was Tecno charger head, samsung charger head and a Itel charger head. I appreciate your efforts to read this. You can continue what you were doing.
Good evening !!!!🥺🥺
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