Darryl Twain: Who is Shania Twain’s brother?

Darryl Twain: Who is Shania Twain’s brother?


Darryl Twain – Eileen Regina known as “Shania” Twain (born on August 28, 1965) is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

She has sold more than 100 million records, making her the best-selling female artist in the whole of Canada music history and one of the best-selling (if not the best) music artists of all time.

Her success garnered her several titles which includes the “Queen of Country Pop”. Billboard named her as the leader and top of the ’90s country-pop crossover stars.

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Raised in Timmins, Ontario, Twain pursued her singing and song writing career from a young age before ever singing with Mercury Nashville records in the early 1990s. However, her self-titled debut studio album was a commercial failure upon release in the year 1993.

After collaborating with producer and later husband with name Robert John “Matt” Lange, Twain rose to fame and stardom with her second studio album, The Woman in Me (1995), which brought her viral and widespread success.

Darryl Twain: Who is Shania Twain’s brother?

Darryl Christopher Twain (born on 1974) is one of the brothers of the popular song writer Shania Twain. Darryl, however is Shania’s half brother, he was adopted when he was still a little kid.

Darryl Twain: Who is Shania Twain’s brother?
Darryl Twain

Darryl is Shania’s stepfather, Jerry’s nephew, who they adopted after his mother killed herself (committed suicide).

He was an electrician in Edmonton. In 2004, Darryl was however, charged with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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