Evil Agenda

Evil Agenda (E1)- Dawn of a new Evil

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Evil Agenda (E1)- Dawn of a new Evil

Episode 1

Dawn of a new Evil 

Ready for some action, horror, romance, and love..  Fasten your seat belts.. And start reading.

For the past three years I have been running. Running from something I know nothing about, running from my past, running from the present and running from the future. Running from my worst NIGHTMARE!!!
I didn’t know what’s chasing me, I can’t see it, I can’t feel it, I can’t touch it. What I only see is a dark cloud covering the bright sky and unleashing total darkness and then, those scary red eyes appear. I see this appear every day, every hour, every minutes and every seconds. It keeps appearing, breaking me into miserable shreds and causing me to run.

My name is Zachariah Lucius, and this is how it all began. THE DAWN OF A NEW EVIL.

Being a student in one of the well known universities of lagos has always been a dream come true for me. the plan was to enjoy university life to the fullest. But this enjoyment was cut short when I started getting the wrong attention. THE CULTISTS. I observed that I have been noticed but what they want from me still remains a mystery. I was going to my lodge the other day when I overheard them saying
“We don lose plenty Men for this group ohh since the last game. Those bastards don throw my guys over board. Even Stephen. Steveoooo my man. Dey don give am beta short sleeve. Ahhh!!!”
I could hear them mourn. I walked past them immediately, I noticed they were saying something about me. with my speeding legs, I zoomed off even before they could say “heyssssss” all I heard later was the fact that they were describing me. they said I’m tall and huge, dark skin and firm chest. According to them. I was perfect to be part of their cult group.
GOD FORBID!!!, I jumped from the chair I was sitting on after thinking about what I heard earlier.
After some days, they started approaching me, they questioned me, and they told me they had my back in case anyone looks for my trouble here in school. I was already enjoying their company till one of them asked me to join.
“No, Never. Why will I join you guys” I replied him in a harsh tone. I noticed it pissed him off. I calmed down a bit and excused myself.
One faithful evening. I was coming back from lectures. Our practical was delayed so we dismissed very late. I live outside the school, in a lodge that suits my standards. On my way home. I was attacked and kidnapped. I was beaten mercilessly. I managed to raise my head and it was my newly made friends. THE CULTISTS. They have kidnapped me and are now ready to proceed with the forceful initiation. Just as the gyration was going on. The Police siren was heard and they all took to their hills. And here comes Emily. My secret crush.
According to her. She has been following me since dismissal. She also had a crush on me so she was desperate to know where I live. Until the kidnap. She immediately phoned the police to the direction the cultist took me to.
It was a popular Location in school and as rumors has it, The spot was an initiation ground for cultists. The appearance of the police and Emily saved me from the initiation. I went home that night knowing I was in grave danger. That was when I started RUNNING.

I disguise myself each time I go for lectures and whenever I sight their shadow. I started running.
“I can’t continue like this” I said to Emily
“You should have avoided them earlier, you know how heartless these people are. Once you hang out with them. They will ask you to join and they don’t take no for an answer” she explained.
“that was my mistake. I was afraid pushing them away would make them blacklist me and I don’t want any issues with cultist. That’s why I allowed them to hangout out with me. I never taught it would lead to this” I said
“now, see what you have caused yourself, only God knows what they will do next” she said as fear filled the atmosphere. My heart beating so fast, nervous and already shaking.
“They won’t kill me. Will they?” I finally asked. Still shaking, Emily took me into her arms. I felt her warm soft bre*st, with the glorious scent of her perfume. Still shaking as she whispered to me
“Noting will happen to you, my Love” She implanted a kiss on my forehead. I held her hands and kissed her in the lips, the kiss was getting too emotional. I grabbed her bre*st and she began to undress me quickly. She reached out to my d*ck and she sucked the life out of me. It felt like heaven. I gave her head, and she moaned like a miserable cow. I was already fully charged for the main action as my hands were still placed on her firm chest, caressing it and squeezing it like newspaper. I inserted my sim into her tight firm hole and made love to her like a wild beast. It was rough and hot and she liked it. We went several rounds till I eventually got tired. I wore my boxers and we slept off.
Very early in the morning, i heard some noise. It was coming from downstairs. I piped through the window and it was them. THE CULTISTS.

“Wake up Emily!! We have to go”
“what’s the problem dear”
“they are here, the cultist are here. We have to go now!!!”
Emily and I ran out of the lodge almost half naked. We took the back exit and we ran as fast as we could. We were chased but we eventually lost them.
“Emily, you have to go. Am so sorry for putting you into this mess. They haven’t seen your face so they won’t recognize you if they see you. Our relationship was a secret so nobody knows about you”
“No!! Am with you in this, anywhere you go, I will follow you. I will run with you and I will fight for you” she said.
“But Emily…”
“shuuu!!! I cant afford to lose you Zack, I love you” She said. I tried to kiss her. She closed her eyes but before she could open them.. I was nowhere to be found. I was hiding in a corner as I watched her look for me and call my name out loud. She finally opened the letter I left in her arms. It reads.
“I have always had a crush on you from the first day I saw you. You were the first friend I made in school. You helped me locate the lecture hall, you helped me with my assignments and you have remained a friend to me whenever I am in need. You even saved me from the cultist the other day. And you have fallen inlove with me. Am writing this to let you know that I enjoyed the memories we share together. The romantic moments and of coz, last night. I don’t know what will befall me tomorrow but if you are reading this, just know you won’t see me again. Am gone. You have fallen for me at the wrong time. I can’t put you into this mess I have putted myself. I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything should happen to you because of me. Do me a favor Emily. Please don’t look for me and Don’t cry for me while am gone. Be strong and stay happy always. I love you Emily.. I LOVE YOU LIKE MAD
Yours loveable

She cried, tears was already dropping from her eyes.. I can’t help it but cry too.. then I left.

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Evil Agenda

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