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Freshers Night (E1)- Hard to Get

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Freshers Night (E1)- Hard to Get

Episode 1

Hard to get

“I have told you times without number Richard, stop disturbing me. I’m not interested, I have a boyfriend for crying out loud”

“baby, it has not gotten to that nah, just hear me out”

Just before Richard could finish the statement, Esther has already hung off the phone. Richard has been trying to woo Esther ever since he got to campus. Being a fresher student in the SLT (Science Lab Tech.) department has been the best thing that has ever happened to Richard, if you know, you know (. Lol!!! SLT is a department in Nigerian polytechnics mainly known for their large population of girls, girls of different shape, color and height. Imagine a department consisting of 500 students, and 456 are girls. Most guys on campus call it “#inside_life”. But that is not the case.

Richard is a handsome dark skinned boy. He is very hairy, muscular and tall. He has all it takes to get the woman of his dreams. Someone that is rushed like fresh bead by all the girls in his department. But this one girl he is attracted to has been proving stubborn to his admirable charms. Maybe she’s claiming hard to get.

Esther on the other hand is a beauty in disguise. You won’t notice her beauty till you come closer. A chocolate well packaged young lady. Fully loaded in both front and back with a nice sharp curve that laid beside her.
Esther is a lady of trend, her shoes are one in a million, her clothes made with the best fashion designer in the whole of Lagos. For a lady coming from a rich home, what did you expect?

Richard on the other hand has been dreaming and craving for Esther. Not a day would pass by without Richard thinking about Esther, but the thing is that Esther is not even seeing Richard. Whenever the boy makes advances on her, she will treat him as if he doesn’t exist.

“Calm down Tobi, we are still freshers and there is something called freshers Night. Unless she doesn’t come for the party, I must get her” Said Richard.

“what if she comes with her boyfriend?” Tobi asked.
“forget that thing, she no get boyfriend. She’s just putting up a show to scare me away” Richard defended.

“Really? Is that what you think?” said Esther who has been listening to their conversations for a long time now.
Richard was in shock on hearing her voice. “how long have you been here?” asked Richard who was afraid Esther had heard their conversations.

“Save your strength cowboy!!, I heard everything” replied Esther as she smiled and walked away.

“And this is a good definition of what I call FU¢KUP” Tobi said as they disperse.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

This is just the beginning of the semester and life on campus has always been what it is. While we have the serious students, Yahoo boys, Cultist and the Religious type. Richard has chosen to belong to the womanizing community. For a fine boy like him in the midst of a thousand girls. His sex life knows no boundary. Jumping from one lady to another has become the order of the day.

Who would refuse a fine boy like him? Who? I have never seen. Richard had his way into the heart of all the girls in his department, apart from one person “Esther” who he claims will follow the culture soon. This takes us down to a similar experience that happened two weeks ago. There is this girl called Helen. She was stubborn and very hard to get. What gave Richard the motivation not to give up on her was her beauty. Helen is a good definition of black beauty with curves everywhere. A perfect example of what we call figure 8.

“I can’t lose this girl” Richard will always say. Helen gave Richard tough time but in one way or the other, Richard managed to penetrate the heart of this young girl and gave her what she deserves.

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Freshers night - story by okoye c divine

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