Gist with Sandra E1- Romantic Savage.

Gist with Sandra E1- Romantic Savage.

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Gist with Sandra E1- Romantic Savage.

Episode 1

Romantic Savage

Quick Summary: Kamsi became Jealous of Sandra for having The guy of her dreams so she went on a mission to destroy Sandra by humiliating her in front of the whole department.  She taught she has destroyed Sandra.  But she just destroyed herself..  read to know how Sandra took Revenge of this course. By giving her exactly what is called ROMANTIC SAVAGE.

He… y!! Wait there!!! Where do you think you are going to? Sit down jaree, I’ve got gist for you.

Before you ask, My name is Sandra and right now, you have been chosen to hear my gossips. Lol
Enough with the long talks, I might be boring you with my over emphasized “Perfect introduction” sit, lemme gist you small.

Today is about Chikamso A. K. A “Kamsi baby” ha… haaa!!! You know Kamsi now, that stupid girl that parades campus with her ‘assumed boyfriend’. Very stupid girl.

Just because her boyfriend managed to grace the list of top ten most handsome boys in the department, somebody will not hear something again.. Now after making a complete fool of herself, Kennedy has dumped her and moved on. Haa haaaaaa!!!

I can’t stop laughing. Wait jaree. Lemme tell you what actually happened. I know you would be asking why I hate her so much. But dear, with someone like Kamsi is your life, you deserve a big Sorry..

This mad girl embarrassed me in front of everyone by reading out my diary in front of the whole department.

I was just on my own oohh, inside my lodge then this stupid girl walked straight to my room in the name of visiting. I had just gone to my next door neighbors room to borrow lighter for my gas cooker, then I got caught up with a conversation. Before I could come out to enter my room, I saw the idiot seating like a mad woman on my bead, reading my Diary. “Oh!, my precious diary” I rushed her like a tiger and took the diary from her. But what did she do? She simply stole the diary again and read it in front of the whole department.

The part that pained me the most is that I have written some stupid crush thing and she emphasized more on it. It reads;

“Oh my God! What’s happening to me? Why do I keep thinking about him all day, why am I so nervous, Gosh! I think I have a crush on Kennedy. Since after the kiss. I haven’t been myself. I just feel like grabbing Kennedy, pull his pants off and suck the life out of him. Oh my God, am so wet!! Today!!! If only Kennedy could knock on that door with his big cucumber to dig the hole out of me. I know am supposed to stay a virgin but if Kennedy shows up now!! FUCK VIRGINITY”

Now you know why I hate that devilish Kamsi. What have I done to that wicked girl to deserve such humiliation? What?? Just because I kissed Kennedy when she has not even started dating him. That’s why she got all jealous and did this to me.. She is so childish.. ahhh! !

But no offense, since she started the game. I will show her how it’s played.
Like I said, Kennedy Dumped her for no reason. He didn’t tell her why she broke up with her because I asked him not to. Yes!! I was behind the breakup.

Come to think that Kamsi was a decent person irrespective of her wickedness. I caught her red handed sleeping around with Kennedy’s best friend. Ahhh!!! That’s way too cheap.
Well, I took pictures and handed it over to Kennedy. I told him not to tell her the reason they broke up till it’s the right time.

“Kennedy! Kennedy!!!, stop there. I won’t let you go today till you tell me why you have been acting this way towards me. It’s not fair baby. Even if you will still break up with me, at least tell me why” Kamsi barked like a mad dog as he held Kennedy in public.

Instantly, all eyes were on them and of coz, cameras started rolling.

“let’s go inside and talk about it privately, people are watching” Kennedy optioned.

“Say it here Kennedy. Let the people hear it” Kamsi insisted.
“Are you asking me to say it here”
“yes. You heard me well” she said flaunting her hair backward in a way that signifies she’s right.

“Please Kamsi, let’s go inside. You might regret this” Kennedy said. Then I interfered.
“Since Kamsi said you should say it out to the public, why don’t you say it. She wants us to know why you have chosen to break her precious heart. A beautiful girl like Kamsi deserves to know the reason behind this inhuman act of wickedness. Don’t she”
“I do” she echoed out loud
The idiot thought I was defending her. Little did she know that I was preparing the way for her Doom!!! Ha haaaa!!!

“Kams…iiiii, this is your very last chance. Let’s go inside and sort things out like adults” he pleaded.
“No Kennedy. Tell us here and now why you have chosen to be this heartless and wicked, is it because of that girl I saw you with the other day? Hugging and romancing each other” she yelled like an idiot.
“Kennedy I gave you everything. I gave you my heart, my time and everything and this is how you pay me back by having an external affair with that thing!!!!”

“SHUT UPPPPP!!!!! Kamsi. Hold it there, Before I do something I will regret… before you accuse me of having an affair, can you please explain to me what you are doing in this picture” he said angry.

Kamsi’s eyes swelled as she saw the picture. I could feel her heart racing from here. Sweat came from nowhere and she instantly went mute and now making eye gestures that pleads with Kennedy to stop talking.

“Now tell me Kamsi, who is wicked and heartless?” Kennedy continues.
“what were you doing with my best friend in a hotel room completely naked in bed?”

that question struck her like thunder, piercing her heart and ripping It out like a Vampire. Biting her skin and sucking the bitter blood off her elegant skin. Rendering her veins and arteries completely empty. And for the second time, I could feel her heart pounding like a caged beast looking for escape route.

“come to think I trusted you Kamsi. You have decided to insult me in the face by sleeping with my own best friend and two other random guys. For Goodness sake Kamsi, you had a threesome with my roommate and his course mates while in a relationship with me. what did you take me for? A fool or something?”
“Kennedy please…”

“Don’t touc..h me!!, you Adulterous bitch!!! Don’t ever stop or call me again. Just because you wanted to get to Sandra, you came to me, begging me to be your boyfriend just to make Sandra jealous of you. Getting me to be your boyfriend was not enough for you, so you read her diary out to the whole department humiliating that innocent girl before everybody. And here you stand, calling me wicked and heartless. You demonic soul from hell. while you stand there and wallow in self-pity, I will go and find something meaningful to do with my time. And as for this little fake nonsense we call relationship. It’s over.” He said and left.

His words were too raw and blunt. Yes, I know I planned all these but I was already beginning to pity Kamsi. I never taught it would get this far.

Gosh what are those guilt feeling doing in my head… now, maybe she has learnt her lesson.

Well am done for today’s Episode. Please do stay tuned for more episodes as I take you on a tour around the happenings of my little world. My name is Sandra John still on the GIST WITH SANDRA. Let me hear your opinions in the comment box below. Goodbye for now. Do have a nice day.

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