Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle)

Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle)


Ifeoma Daniel‘s Personality

Elder sister of popular actress, Regina Daniels with name Ifeoma Daniels Who Slays Just Like popular Gina Herself . Evidently the GhanaCelebrities.Com has found a picture of Regina Daniels’ elder sister called Ifeoma Daniels. Ifeoma Daniels is very married with a child.

Despite the fact that it is still unclear what this popular Ifeoma does for a living, we can state by her pictures that she is doing well for herself because she slays and shows off very well as well, but not like other celebrities though.

Regina Daniels’ elder sister, Ifeoma is married with kids but the personality of her husband and children isn’t yet known for now. Regina and Ifeoma slightly resemble each other but Ifeoma is however said to be a darker version of Regina.

Lawrence Daniels, Ifeoma Daniel’s Brother

Lawrence Daniels, the brother to the young and popular Nollywood actress and billionaire, Regina Daniels. Lawrence also known as Sweezy .

 Emmanuel Daniel (footballer)

Emmanuel Daniel (conceived 17 December 1993) is a popular Nigerian football goalkeeper who addressed Nigeria at the 2015 African Games and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Meet All 5 Siblings Of Regina Daniels

Popular Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels currently has five siblings – three brothers and two sisters, Although,many people have practically no clue about them.

Regina is the fifth of the six children, the names of her siblings are Samuel Daniels, Lawrence Daniels, Emmanuel Daniels, Ifeoma Daniels, and Destiny Daniels.

Ifeoma Daniels

Ifeoma is Regina’s oldest sister. She is very married with kids.

Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle)
Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle)

 Destiny Daniels

Destiny is the youngest of the six children. She is still in the secondary school.

 Samuel Daniels (Sammy West)

Regina Daniels’ brother, Samuel Daniels popularly known as Sammy West or Sweezy . Sammy is an artist. He even performed at the book lunch of Regina.

 Lawrence Daniels

Very much like Sammy, Lawrence is additionally an artist. He is for the most part seen with Sammy.

Emmanuel Daniels

The Nollywood actress Regina Daniels more established sister, Ifeoma. Ifeoma Daniels is married with a child. Taking a gander at Ifeoma one can tell she is doing very well however we truly can’t determine what she does for a living. She also slay however not Like Regina Daniels who is married to a Billionaire.

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 Actress Ifeoma Daniels’ Biological Father

The biological father to the famous Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels’s father was said to be a Barrister, Barrister Jude Ojeogwu . The full name of the actress is Regina Daniels Ojeogwu while her profession name has ellipted Ojeogwu

Actress Ifeoma Daniels’ Biological Mother

Mother of Regina Daniels, Rita is separated from her father, Jude Ojeogwu for reasons that are undisclosed.

Regina Daniels’ father, Jude surfaced online round May, 2019 when he said he was not in support of her marriage with her rich husband, Ned Nwoko because the mother, Rita no longer carry him along in the arrangement of the marriage rites. Likewise, surveys uncovered that Regina Daniels’ father, Jude Ojeogwu did no longer pay the bride price of her mother, Rita Daniels which might be one reason of their partition.

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Regina Daniels’ father, Jude Ojeogwu shared photographs of Regina and her elder brothers when they were young and also announce the support of Regina’s paternity.

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