Romance 💕 Stories
Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 2

I didn’t have any plans to cheat on my fiancee but I knew very well that if her younger sister gave me the chance, I was gonna seize the opportunity and f#ck the hell outta her. The Devil knew my heart, he knew that all I needed to cheat on my future wife was space, time, opportunity. So he served it to me; on a platter of gold…
It happened just about a month to my wedding. I received a call from Susan, she said she had a friend who bakes and could handle everything that had to do with the baking at a cheaper rate, Susan asked me to rush down to her house before the lady leaves. Josephine insisted on an elaborate wedding and I didn’t have enough resources, so I was eager to cut costs. Unsuspectingly, I didn’t think twice when Susan asked me to meet the “Baker-friend” of hers at their family house. I hurriedly started my fairly used 2014 Toyota Corolla, and zoomed off.
The door wasn’t locked so I entered inside since I was very familiar with their place. I knew something was off immediately I stepped my feet in the house, the very noisy Adepoju’s family building seemed oddly serene and quiet. Susan came down the stairs to meet me in the sitting room, she must have heard my noisy engine when I parked.
Oh my goodness! My head almost blew off.
Susan was almost unclad in a very short, revealing, body hug gown. The material was very light and one could easily see through it, provided the environment is bright enough. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, her firm b00bs were obvious through the gown and her n!pples pointed directly at me. I was lost in them, licking my lips as I stared at the both watermelons in burning desire, at that point I just wanted to hold them in my hands and squeeze the life out of them.
“Gerald!… Gerald!!… Gerald!!!” She called.
“Yes… yes?”
“Didn’t you hear me. It seems you left your ears at home?”
Typical Susan; her only flaw remains her uncouth attitude.
“I thought you said the baker is here already?” I asked.
“She left because she won’t be chanced to deliver before the event”
“Why then didn’t you inform me? You just wasted my time” I said a bit annoyed.
“She just left” Susan answered carefreely.
“Where is your dad? Where is everyone and why is the house so quiet?”
“They went for a friend’s Thanksgiving, I’m the only one at home” she smiled seductively.
Susan sat on the couch directly opposite me, her legs widespread and a huge part of me felt she did it on purpose. Aroused, I couldn’t handle the pressure, I was already having a hard ōn as my phāllus reacted to what my eyes had seen. I took a quick peek in between her legs. Gosh! She wasn’t wearing panties!
Why was she doing this? Susan had turned me down numerous times before I finally met Josephine.
Whenever I tried to get something going between us, she would immediately shut me off like an irrelevant being not worthy of her endowments. So why this? I began to sense that something was not right.
“I’ll have to take my leave now” I said.
“Just like that? Won’t you at least spend some time around, chat, I could even get you something to eat”
“I have important things to do” I said strongly.
“Gerald why are acting so childish?”
“Childish? How?” I asked perplexed.
“Gerald I want you”. She said, walking towards me like a model on a runway.
“I don’t get you, what do you mean by you want me?” Was I dreaming.
“Gerald, isn’t it obvious? Can’t you see that I want you, haven’t I given you enough signs already? What more do you want to recognize the obvious?”
Susan placed her hand on my chest and began caressing it softly.
“I deserve you, not Josephine”
“No…no. I can’t do this” I struggled to say.
“My marriage is in a month time”
“And so? Stop the pretence! I see the way you stare at me most times and I know you want me too”
“But… but…” my voice faded away. I had lost woefully to pleasure.
“Let’s just do this, no one has to know about it.”
She had undone my first button and slipped her hand into my shirt.
“No!” I shouted and pushed her off me.
Susan was stunned, and utterly disappointed.
I walked in haste out of the house. As swift as my legs could carry.
“Gerald!” she called and I turned back.
“I’ll be upstairs, meet me there when you are ready”
I shook my head in disbelief, and walked out of the house to my car. She must have concluded that I had no interest in her but she was wrong; I opened the car door, sat inside inserted the key and was about driving away when I looked down at the bulge in my pants. I didn’t want to succumb but my JT had succumbed a long time ago. And it was as if I could hear it speak.
“Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?” Isn’t it what you’ve always desired? A chance to strāff the hottest girl in school… Why shun it now when you’ve finally gotten it? Remember; opportunity they say comes but once.
My JT was right, I raised up the lid of my car and grabbed a single condōm out of the packet. I proceeded to take another one, just in case. Stuffing and squeezing the flaccid condōms into my pocket to avoid any suspicion.
I looked around, no one seemed nearby. Perfect, I walked back inside, my protruding bulge very obvious.
This time around; I locked the door. Walked hurriedly up the stairs in eager desire to satisfy my urge.
I had lost control of myself, I pushed open the door slowly.
Dāmn! I heard myself say. It was jackpot for me; Susan was already stark naked. It was like she knew I would come back.
And that was the genesis of many more escapades to come. Our hunger for each other seemed unquenchable, insatiable, inextinguishable. We continued seeing each other almost everyday. We savoured the act but the problem was how long we could keep it a secret…

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