Stories Romance 💕
Written by Henry Zibima
Episode 3
It was only a month left before I finally get married to Josephine. I had lost concentration and wasn’t even making plans towards our wedding. I barely even spoke with my fiancee, it seemed I was beginning to lose affection towards Josephine.
It was quite hard for me to take in what was going on; Susan letting me have her was unbelievable. I never dreamt for once that Susan would even let me go on a date with her let alone have s*x with her.
Maybe she suddenly began to feel something towards me; love has its ways. Still, the big “why” remained; why now? Why now that I’m engaged to her sister. Why now that I’m to get married in a month’s time? These where the reasons that got me worried. All I wanted from her was s*x, nothing more.
On the other hand, I had become restless at the thought of getting caught. Susan’s dad was a no nonsense man, the kind of person that never lets you step on his toes and go scot-free. He was known for his integrity and ability to stand on his words. Mr Dayo was a man whose “no” always remains a “no”.
People say that’s one of the attributes that has made him a successful business man.
There was an incident that once took place when I was still in the university that made me quake at Mr. Dayo’s manner of dealing with people that touch anyone around him.
There used to be this lecturer that terrorised the ladies into sẹx for grades. He was an evil, heartless and selfish man, who was constantly searching for a young girl to devour. The bizarre thing about Mr Samuel was that he was married, still he couldn’t get satisfied with s*x. He wasn’t even a young man– Mr. Samuel must have been in his sixties as at then. He had a flabby appearance, sagging jowls and always wore a steel rimmed spectacles on his grey dusty face.
I still recall when I was in 100 level, some of my female friends had also been victims of his wicked act. He would threaten them with an F grade once they turned him down. And the comical part of it all was how he could boast that no one could do anything to him and truly; no one dared.
When we finally moved to our second year, a lot of girls were glad they were done with the “Mr. Samuel phase”. It was now time for the matriculants to suffer Mr. Samuels vile. Among the new students, there was one that caught his fancy- the spellbinding sexy Susan.
No one could stare at her and look away, she was a sight to behold and Mr. Samuel, he couldn’t ignore her. He confronted her, but Susan was still naive as at then. If it were to be the Susan I know now I’m pretty sure she would snatch the opportunity without double thoughts. Free grades for s*x.
But Susan declined, and when Mr. Samuel began mounting more pressure on her she was forced to inform her dad. Oh! I vividly I recall; that was the end of the highly feared Mr. Samuel who no one dared challenge.
Nemesis had been coming, and Susan’s dad brought the complete package on him. Her dad ensured Mr. Samuel’s sack and even went further to make sure his operating licence was retrieved. He disgraced him publicly and other students who had been victims of his atrocities began crying out.
By the time Mr. Dayo was I done with this lecturer, no one could recognise him. He had emaciated badly, so much that his ribs had become fully visible. Hence, I thought; what would happen if he finds out I’m cheating on his daughter whom I’m set to get married to. I didn’t even want to imagine; the consequences could be very grave.
My fiancee – Josephine was beginning to get worried, she was starting to ask a lot of questions. I expected it, because even I knew my behaviour had changed.
“Baby, you’ve been acting up lately. What’s the matter? Josephine asked over the phone. I lacked the words to reply her, a huge part of me felt I was been foolish.
“We barely even sit down to plan for our wedding and it’s just around the corner.”
“I know, Jossy, I know. It’s just that there are too many things on my mind.”
That was the excuse I had constantly been feeding Josephine with. But what my fiancee never knew was that her sister was truly the only thing on my mind.
The thought of the different sēx styles and positions we could try when next we see was what I always pondered upon. Susan to me is just like a sēx god. S*x with her is just on another level, I can’t just place my hands or find the perfect words to describe how mind-blowing she is on the bed.
She rides like she’s been taking riding lessons all her life, every time we meet is just so unique and different from the others. And some how, I actually didn’t regret cheating on my fiancee.
Speaking of which, we were supposed to meet each other at a hotel downtown. All our encounters had to be in hotels and faraway too, to eliminate the risk of getting caught. Boy, I couldn’t wait to meet her and feel once more the uniqueness in her gl*ry hole.
I sat patiently at the reception, waiting for the sẹx god’s arrival. I had already booked a room and all that was left was Susan. Anyone could easily judge me as an ill-mannered guy who lacks self control; spending the money he should have saved for his wedding, in hotels.
Well, no one could talk me out of it. I barely cared. As long as I was having a good time.
Soon Susan arrived, it was like a light shone brightly from heaven. Susan walked in wearing a red flowing dress, bedazzling as always.
I quickly stood up and gave her a tight hug making sure that I pressed my chest against those soft and plumpy tịts.
“What took you so long?” I asked.
“I had to make sure I looked perfect. You don’t look tattered coming to see Prince charming.” She smiled.
I couldn’t hide the blush on my face, my cheeks went absolutely red. I enjoyed every bit of Susan but I was getting worried that she may have begun developing feelings for me. That would be the last thing I wanted, I still loved Josephine but I just hoped Susan knew that there was nothing real between us.
“Would you like to eat something” I asked, trying to be a gentleman.
“Nope. Nevermind”
“Let’s go to the room then.” I said struggling badly to hide the họrniness in my voice.
“Shall we” Susan replied, biting her lips, with her usual s*xy seductive smile.
I took hold of her hand and lifted her slowly up from the chair. She swayed her hips from side to side as she stood up. “Dāmn, what a whorẹ you are.” I said underneath my breath.
She held on tightly to me as we walked hand in hand, like a soon to be couple. We climbed up the stairs; the room I booked was just on the second floor.
We finally got to the passage, I could sight room 127 just at the end. I was a few seconds from another bount of hot steaming sẹx. We had already gotten to the door when someone came out of the room just next to ours.
We stood in shock, frozen at the spot. Lo and behold! It was Mr. Daniels– Susan’s uncle; her father’s immediate elder brother…

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