Romance 💕 Stories
Written by Henry Zibima
(Strictly 18+)
Episode 4 😋
We finally got to the passage, I could sight room 127 just at the end. I was a few seconds from another bount of hot steaming sẹx. We had already gotten to the door when someone came out the room just next to ours.
We stood in shock, frozen at the spot. Lo and behold! It was Mr. Daniels; Susan’s uncle; her father’s immediate elder brother.
It was at that point I realised I was done for.
We were all rooted to the spot. I wished I could just vanish into thin air. What lie would I tell to save myself from this mess. I covered my face in shame. In a second, I tried to imagine all that could befall me. My reputation would be tarnished, my hopes of finally getting filthy rich would thrown into the wind. What about when Josephine gets to hear about this; she’ll be broken. I couldn’t picture it, it was to ambiguous for my brain to imagine.
But what baffled me was that Mr. Daniels also appeared shocked, like a cornered rat with no way of escape.
“Good evening sir” I managed to break the undying silence between us.
“Good… good evening Gerald.” He stuttered.
Just then, a lady also came out of the room, she looked like she was in her late twenties and the eye contact between her and Mr Daniels showed that something was going on between them.
“Take care Chief” she smiled and blew a kiss to Mr Daniels as she exited the walkway.
Alas! There was a glimpse of hope; it was apparent Mr Daniels was also cheating on his wife.
“Uncle, who was that??” Susan queried.
“I will only respond to that irrelevant question when you explain to me what you are doing with your sister’s fiance, in a hotel!”
Susan’s aggressiveness slowly retarded as she shrugged back like a turtle into it’s shell.
“Ehen, continue…go ahead and rant”
“Uncle there is nothing going on between me and Gerald, we just came to get something…”
“You think I’m a kid?” He laughed.
“It’s not what you think sir” Susan protested.
“Since you’ve said so, let me call your sister and quickly tell her that you are with her fiance in a hotel, then you’ll explain to her what the both of you came to get “
I shifted my gaze to the ground. F*ck! I was busted.
“And you boy, you better be careful. You’ve not even gotten married and you’re already having your own doings. Ha-ha” He laughed.
“Haba nau! No matter my offence I must say I am totally disappointed in you. Ah ah! A young handsome boy like you, I expected you to be better than this.”
“I can’t say I’m not disappointed in you either” I whispered softly under my breath.
“You said what?! Look, I don’t want an ear to hear about what you have seen today. Okay? My wife will be absolutely devastated to hear that I’m having an affair outside our marriage. So the both of you better keep your mouths shut and let this be our little secret. You hear me?”
“Okay sir” I struggled to say.
Our secret was sealed, I had lucked out on this one, I narrowly escaped disgrace. Still was a big thorn on my flesh; knowing that even when I get married Mr Daniels still knows that there’s something between Susan and I. I then began to wonder, how long can we keep this in the dark.
Mr. Daniels looked at us contemptuously and went back into the room. Susan just remained quiet., I on the other hand couldn’t move. In fact, we both had lost the appetite for sēx.
“Let’s go inside” I stretched my hand and led her inside the room.
I sat down on the bed for up to thirty minutes without saying a word to Susan. Even the Viagrā I took had lost its effect, I had begun pondering upon my life.
No! This isn’t what I wanted, I know how hard I struggled to make Josephine accept me into her life, but I was throwing all that away. I had to start making amends, now when I still had the chance. Things were going way deeper than I thought, I thought this would just be like a one night stand. But I was wrong, I was sinking in quick sand.
Whatever feeling of remorse and thought of repentance I had was soon swept off my memory, as Susan stood totally naked in front of me.
Geez! “This girl’s gonna get me in trouble” I said within myself.
I couldn’t resist her devilish yet angelic curves, her tender yet deadly bōōbs, her perfectly sculptured shape.
I quickly took hold of one of her bōōbs and began feasting on it. Susan moanēd in pleasure, she was enjoying every bit of it. I moved from left to right, and so forth, the pleasure was immense.
“Put it in!” she shouted.
I didn’t, I wanted to delay the main meal, torment her with foreplay and make her beg for it.
I continued and slowly licked my way down her fleshy thighs.
“Gerald, why are you suffering me with so much pleasure? Put it in!!” she begged.
I shifted her to a doggƴ position, and slowly inserted my weapon inside her.
“Ahh!” She moanēd softly.
Slowly, I increased my pace, and soon my thrustṣ were as fast as lightening. Susan moanēd so loudly, I had to cover her mouth. We continued for more than fifteen minutes and when I saw that I had reached my peak, I brought out my dīck and came on her bōōbs.
“I love you” Susan said, but I didn’t give a reply.
“Gerald, I said I love you and you’re not saying anything”
“Yeah… yeah. I’ve heard you”
“What do you mean you’ve heard me, Gerald?? Wait! What are we?? Are we just sēx partners?? So I’m just a sēx doll to you”
“Whatever you call it, it’s fine by me”
“Wait, so you’re saying you feel nothing for me” Susan asked with a surprised look on her face.
I kept silent and couldn’t utter a word.
“You know what; it’s fine. Today marks the end between us” she said as a tear dribbled down her cheek…

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