In Love With Lucifer’s Daughter (E5)

Romance 💕 Stories
Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 5

Susan was damñ serious. She immediately wore her clothes and stormed out of the room. All my pleas about her taking things too far fell on deaf ears.
Was Susan actually thinking that I had any feelings of affection towards her? No, not at all. She is a very beautiful lady, yea… but all I wanted from her was sēx and not any feelings of love.
I already had Josephine, and she loved me with her whole being. Josephine had stolen my heart and there was nothing left for Susan scavenge. I figured out Susan was right actually; she was more like a sēx doll to me.
I picked up myself from the bed and walked slowly to the bathroom to wash myself clean. A part of me felt bad that I had actually hurt Susan’s feelings but then you can’t mistake sēx for love.
I was a bit joyous though, at least I was done with the whole palava.
Three days passed and I had not spoken to Susan. I’d occasionally try her line but it seemed she had blocked me from calling her.
Letting go of her became more difficult than I expected. A huge part of me still ached for her, longed for her touch, craved for her body.
I couldn’t think straight anymore, I couldn’t do anything right. Was I getting addicted to a lady’s body? No way!
I received a call from Josephine earlier today, she wanted us to meet and she sounded very anxious.
“Gerald, I want us to see today– this evening.” She said in a very imposing tone.
“I’m very sorry but my schedule is very tight today.” I lied. “I can’t make it, I’m very busy.”
“Busy with what exactly??” Josephine fired.
“I’ve being running around, trying to make our marriage a success. I’m busy for us!” I said.
“Look Gerald, I’m really tired of this behaviour you’re putting up lately. I don’t care how busy you claim to be but we have a lot to discuss. We’ll meet this evening at the restaurant along my street and that is final!”
Josephine said and abruptly ended the call. All the while we had been together, I had never heard her raise her voice that high on me. The tempo was deafening, I could see through her voice, I could see anger and exasperation. And that got me thinking…
What could she possibly want to discuss that made her sound so provoked. I was becoming uneasy and was soon clouded with nervousness.
“But Mr Daniels had a deal with us.” I thought. “Could he have?… No way!”. But just in case he messed up on his part I wouldn’t hesitate for a blink to expose his own misdeeds.
I arrived at the restaurant that evening and I was quite stunned to see Josephine already seated just by the end. Tapping her feet repeated on the marbled floor, she looked like she had been waiting for quite a long while. I walked up to her but she didn’t even notice my presence. Josephine was drowning in the abyss of thought as she stared into the thin air in front of her.
My fiancee was bothered about something, and that look of worry on her face sparked a lot of concern in me.
“Josephine.” I called
“Josephine!” I called again.
“Sorry… I didn’t notice you were here already” She managed to say.
“Babe, what’s going on?” I asked to no response.
“Babe talk to me, if there’s anything bothering you you can open up to me okay? That’s why I’m here for you. Just tell me, what’s bothering you?”
She remained silent for some seconds before she finally spoke up.
“You are… Gerald. You are what is bothering me.”
“Me? How?” I asked very perplexed.
“Babe, you’ve been acting very absurd. You know longer check up on me, you don’t even call, you no longer treat me like we are couples. What’s going on? You’re not even making any plans towards our marriage, or have you suddenly lost interest??”
“No…No…No. Jossy you know it’s not like that, I’ve just been very busy that’s all.”
“Busy? Gerald if you’re no longer interested in this marriage why not let me know.”
“Babe you are shouting, this is a public place.”
“I’m shouting? Gerald you’ve suddenly changed, marriage isn’t a casual something, it’s a decision that lasts for a lifetime.
Something strongly tells me you’ve found someone else. Despite the strong bond we shared, after all we’ve been through together. If you have suddenly lost interest in me, why lie to me?, why suffer me this emotional torment. Why?” she sobbed.
I felt instant pity for her, it always breaks me to see someone I love sad and I had begin to feel remorse. I got up from my seat and sat next to her. I felt the warmth from her body as I wrapped my hands around her, placing her head on my chest. Tears trickled down her cheek and had to wipe them off with my handkerchief. I couldn’t stand Josephine crying.
I…I have never felt so insecure with you” she quivered amid tears.
“Babe please stop crying, ok? You’re the only one, there’s no one else and there never will be. Now look at me.” I said. Tilting her face towards me as I stared deep into her sparkling eyes.
“Do you trust me?”
“Yeah… I guess so.”
“Give me a kiss ok? There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s gonna be fine.”
I softly placed my lips on hers and held her tightly in my arms. I had got so carried away by lust that I had began hurting the one I truly love. I had to retrace my steps, to ensure I see a smile on Josephine’s face again.
I was pleased I made Josephine feel better, we talked, had a good time like we normally do. I didn’t want to start giving Josephine trust issues even before marriage. I was quite tired though, I needed a relieve from all the tension around me. I still hadn’t gotten myself. Shockingly, I still found it gut-wrenching to get my mind off Susan.
“What has the girl done to me?” I soliloqized. “C’mon Gerald, you used to be a playboy. What’s special about this one girl that I can’t seem to get my mind off her?”
“I need alcohol!” I screamed loudly. Maybe it would help, I thought. Help me get my mind off Susan.
I quickly picked up my phone and called Dave. Dave has been my close friend right from our 100 level. We happened to have so many things in common and we just became friends by fate. Dave had been like a brother to me all these years and each time I had a problem, he was the first to know.
I called him to know if he had free time to get a drink. And hopefully he wasn’t busy. I didn’t have to give him a location because there was this bar which also had a nightclub where we usually hang out together.
I was ready to get drunk that night just to help me forget about Susan and I was definitely gonna need help getting back home.
“Guy this one wey you just dey drink like this, hope all is well.” Dave asked.
“Brooo, I really wish everything will just be fine.”
“What’s the problem?” He asked, this time staring keenly at me.
“Bro there’s this girl, I’ve not been able to get over her since we last had sex.”
“Which girl? When was that?”
“Just a few days back, I’ve tried reaching her but she’s seriously avoiding me.”
“Wait! Did you just say a few days back? I thought your marriage is just around the corner??”
“You know what give me your phone. I want to make a quick call” I said.
“With who?”
“I want to talk to her, she blocked my line but I’m pretty sure she’ll respond.”
“Hmm… did this girl bewitch you or something” Dave said and passed his phone to me.
I quickly dialled Susan’s number and her name immediately popped up the screen. Dave jumped out of his skin when he saw Susan’s name.
“Wait! Don’t tell me it’s the same Susan I know.” He asked looking very surprised.
I quickly stood up from the chair and went to a corner to make the call.
“Hello Dave, what’s up?” She said in a mild tone.
“It’s Gerald actually, and please before you hang up I just want to say I’m sorry ok?”
“I know the words I said to you were very inappropriate but I never meant them. I’m deeply sorry.”
“Is that why you called?” She asked very harshly.
“No…umm..yeah. I love you Susan.”
“No, you don’t. It’s my body you’re after, you told me with your mouth.”
“Please don’t say that I truly care about and I don’t want this thing going on between us to just fade away.”
“How do you expect me to believe you after all those vague words you said to me.”
“Fine, I promise. Ok? I promise to make it up to you.”
“I don’t even know what to say, you know what; it’s fine.” She said and hung up on me.
What did I just do? I claimed to love Josephine, but there I was, making promises I could never keep. I was already running polygamy but I wasn’t even married…

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