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Written by Henry Zibima
Episode 6👉
As soon as I ended the call with Susan I went back to where Dave was seated. His eyes looked at me contemptuously like I was a runaway criminal.
“So you’re having an affair with your fiancee’s younger sister?!” Dave exclaimed.
I found no words to reply, and I remained mute like I had suddenly lost my sense of speech.
“Why didn’t you ask for Susan’s hand in marriage then?” He asked looking utterly perplexed.
“It stuns me that you could ask such a question, it seems you’ve forgotten the kind of person Susan is. All the times I tried wooing her, she snubbed me like I was meaningless, like I was trash. She repeatedly turned me down; but things changed when I decided to marry Josephine; Susan started giving me signs.” I explained as Dave listened on.
“Hold on! Let me get this straight; Susan never wanted you… she treated you like garbage, but all of a sudden, after you proposed to Josephine she started giving you signs?”
“Yeah.” I nodded in the affirmative.
“And you didn’t find it strange? You didn’t for once think she could be up to something sinister.”
“Something sinister? Like what exactly do you mean?”
“I don’t know, possible blackmail…”
“Blackmail? What for? If it’s for money, then she’s wasting her time. I don’t see any reason for Susan to blackmail me.” I immediately got rid of the thought, it seemed too impossible a thing for Susan to do.
“I feel there’s something disturbing about all these, if she didn’t accept you all these while, why now?”
“Same question I keep asking myself. I’ve been trying to put an end to everything going on between us but I see myself not being able to do anything.”
“You have to be careful bro, I don’t want you getting into trouble. Imagine Susan’s dad gets to know about this, it’ll be very bad and I don’t need to emphasize on that because you know how much he loves Josephine.”
“I know, Dave, I know.” I muttered.
“I really think you shouldn’t have done this. At least not now that you want to get married, at least not with Josephine’s sister. The consequences can be grave.”
“I know Dave, what’s all this lecture for…are you on my side or what. I know I have landed in a sticky situation but I need your help to manoeuvre around it. Not you raising my fears.”
“It’s okay, I gat you.”
“Yeah. I know how to play these games, no be my first time to run this kind thing.”
“If you say so, but I honestly think you’re playing with fire, and it seems it’s until it leaves scars on your skin that you’ll realize that fire isn’t meant to be toyed with”
“Hahaha!” I laughed so much that I almost fell off my seat.
“Come, Dave na you be this?” I chuckled.
“Pastor Dave, enlighten me. I don’t know why you’re making a fuss over this minor issue. We’re just s*x partners; friends with benefits, there’s absolutely nothing else going on between us and I’m sure Susan knows that.”
“It’s okay, all I’ll say is that when the roof starts burning, you shouldn’t call me.”
“I won’t call you.” I said and gave another big laugh. I took another glass of beer to calm my nerves. I knew I had everything under control, I wasn’t new to such so there was nothing to worry about.
The next day.
Sleeping peacefully like a little child in his mother’s arms, the sun beamed through my blinds causing me to stir; I turned over and over in a state of subconsciousness.
Soon, a message notification on my phone broke the peace of my home finally bringing me back to reality. I wriggled and stretched, rounding off with a big yawn.
It was bright outside, I had been asleep for a very long time. I was shocked when I saw the time on my phone; it was already past 12. I barely recalled what happened the previous night as I struggled to grasp faint memories of Dave helping me to my room.
I must have gotten drunk and Dave— I wonder what I’ll do without him — must have drove me to my apartment. I felt an undying thirst and a sense of adrenaline rush.
I felt very tired and I could feel a slight headache on my forehead. Sluggishly, I picked up myself from the bed and headed for my kitchen. I needed to hydrate, I drank three full glasses of water and it relieved me of the weakness I felt.
I sank into my couch, so I could rest for a little while. But I was soon jolted up my seat when I remembered I had not read the message that came in. As I unlocked my phone, I was shocked to see multiple missed calls from Susan.
I immediately opened my inbox and I was stunned when I read the message Susan sent me. She wanted us to see at a hotel just outside town. What got me stupefied was where she said she couldn’t wait to see me.
I dashed into my bathroom almost immediately. I needed to wash the stench of alcohol off myself. I breezed through my bath and before you could say Jack I was already out. I hurriedly applied lotion on my skin and jumped into a blue jean and a designer green long sleeved shirt. I didn’t bother about dressing up because I knew the clothes were soon coming off. I hastily wore my woody scented exotic cologne, and in less than ten minutes I was ready.
I quickly stopped a card and headed for the hotel.
Soon, I was right in front of the hotel. Woah! I thought the relationship I shared with Susan was coming to an end but I was wrong; it had only just begun.
I walked majestically through the door, trying my best to compose myself. My eyes searched through the bar until I finally saw Susan already seated on a table.
Oh my goodness! This b!tch was always sexy. She was dressed in a brink pink dinner gown that went down to her legs. Her legs were crossed over each other and I noticed a side slit up to her thighs.
Dāmn! I was already imagining a dirty picture of what we would do together. I hastily walked up to her and took a seat.
“Good afternoon dear.” I greeted.
“Yeah… good afternoon.” She replied hesitantly.
“How are you, how have you been?”
“I’m okay, you know what… let’s go straight to the point.”
“Yeah, shall we…” I smile as I licked my lips.
“Shall we what?” Susan asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Alright, let me make a reservation so we can…”
“So we can what?” Susan fiercely cut in.
“Wait! Do you think I’m a fool, do you really think I’m that stupid.”
“I don’t understand, what do you mean?”
“I can’t do anything with you anymore, after you insulted and made a fool out of me… Never!”
“I don’t get you, so you want everything to come to an end, remember the memories Susan; the time we shared with each other.”
“You’re getting married for God’s sake, Gerald I am done with you!” Susan thundered.
“Why then did you ask me to meet you here?”
“It’s because I want to set things straight.” She said firmly.
“And what do you mean by that??”
“You called me a s*x doll Gerald, just because I wanted to use you to forget about my fiance that I had lost to the cold hands of death.”
“I’ve already apologized for that.”
“Look, I don’t need your f*cking apology. I’ll give you just two options; it’s either you come clean to Josephine and my dad or I expose you for the whole world to see.”
“Hahaha” I let out a long laugh.
“You must be joking, come clean? And what makes you think I’ll do that?”
“Because I have videos…”
“I bribed the hotel attendant, gave him some change and he gave me what I needed.”
My mouth dropped agape, and it took seconds for me to assimilate what was going on.
“Give me the phone!” I shouted as I made to drag her phone from her.
“You better don’t try anything funny.” She said.
“You seem to forget you would also tarnish your image if any video gets out.”
“Listen Gerald, I have nothing to lose. I was just recovering from the heartbreak of losing my fiance when you took advantage of me and lured me into having sex with you.”
“That’s a lie, that wasn’t what happened!” I fired.
“I don’t even care about my image anymore. I just want to take sweet revenge on you for thinking you could use me and go free.”
“But you were the one that seduced me, I didn’t have any plans to have sex with you in the first place.”
“I don’t care. I’m giving you two days; just two days to come clean or I let our little secret in the open.”…

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