Romance 💕 Stories
Written by Henry Zibima
Episode 7
“I’m giving you two days; just two days to come clean or I let out our little secret in the open.” Susan said as she grabbed her bag and made her way out of the hotel.
“Oh my goodness! What have I done? What have I done to myself?” I soliloquized. “Susan has put me in trouble.” I wailed with my both hands on my head.
How on earth does she expect me to tell the escapades I had with her to my wife or to her father. How was I going to stand in front of her dad and blab out such abomination. Why has Susan decided to bring shame upon me? For a pleasure that she also enjoyed? This was pure wickedness.
I was soon jolted out of thoughts by a waiter who walked up to me.
“Sir, what would you like to have?” He asked.
“Do I look like someone that wants to eat anything…if I wanted a drink wouldn’t I have called you. Please I don’t need anything that would anger me the more.”
“But sir…”
“But what? Are you crazy?!” I thundered. I was beginning to drag attention but I didn’t mind.
“Nevermind, sorry for causing you discomfort.” He said and hastily left to attend to someone else.
I wasn’t in the mood for any shenanigans, my heart was weary and I had no idea how to get rid of the burden weighing me down. I wouldn’t mind transferring my aggression on someone else.
Through out my journey back home, I kept thinking of what to do. I racked my brain over and over but nothing came to mind. I felt like putting a call through to Dave but I just couldn’t swallow my pride and let him know that what he warned me of had began to play out.
I couldn’t eat that night, every appetite for food disappeared. Each time I took a spoon of food, Susan’s voice ran through my head.
“I give you 2 days; just 2 days to come clean or I let out our little secret in the open.”
I was restless, confused and I had suddenly began to feel sick.
I couldn’t withstand the shame; the shame of facing Josephine; the shame of facing her dad. F*CK! Was this the end of the road for me?
The piercing sound of my ringtone soon brought me back to reality. It was Josephine calling, my heart immediately began thumping against my chest as soon as I saw her name. I hesitated for a while, trying my best to sound okay.
“Hello dear, good evening.” I said.
“Good evening babe, how are you.”
“I’m good, how are you?”
“I’m doing great. I have good news babe; my dad wants us to have dinner together.” She said cheerfully.
“Dinner? When?”
“Tommorow. Everyone’s gonna be there, isn’t that amazing?”
“Umm… yeah. I guess.”
“Babe what is it? Aren’t you happy? At least you and my dad will get to know each other better. Ok, I get it… you’re nervous.”
“Yh… let’s go with that. I’m nervous that’s all, you know your dad is a principled person.”
“I know, but there’s nothing to worry about. You’ve met a lot of times before so there’s no big deal.”
“Yeah. But we’ve not had a meal together. Anyways, it’s fine, by what time will it be?”
“Everyone should be there by 6pm.” She said, I could feel the glee in her voice.
“Alright. Will Susan be there?”
“Yeah…sure. Why do you ask?”
“Nothing, it’s nothing. It was just born out of curiosity.”
“Hmm! Ok. Goodnight then, sweet dreams.”
“Sweet dreams, my love.
“Hmm!” I gave a big sigh as soon as the call was over. Dinner with the Adepojus, I couldn’t imagine it. And the thought that Susan would also be there made me feel uneasy.
The next day.
I arrived my fiance’s house as early as I could, it would be very bad if everyone was already seated before my arrival. I pushed the doorbell and soon the door opened. Josephine jumped on me like a cat, hugging me tightly like she had not seen me for a million years.
I pulled her into a brief kiss be.
“My love how have you been? I’ve missed you so much.” Josephine said.
“I’m good, I’m fine. What can I say.”
“I thought you wouldn’t come.”
“I’m here darling, come on let’s go in.”
Josephine held my hand as we walked in. She took me to Dining room, I could see her mum was already seated.
“Mum… Gerald is here.”
“Good evening ma.” I waved.
“Good evening my son, how are you?”
“I’m fine ma.” I was always comfortable being around Josephine’s mum, unlike her Dad who always had this cold attitude.
“Have a seat, the food will be served soon.”
“Thank you ma.” I said.
I and Josephine sat just beside each other, the cook had already started serving when Susan came downstairs.
“Why does this girl always have to dress seductively.” I whispered under my breath.
Susan walked gracefully down the stairs, like a model on a runway, swaying her hips from side to side till she finally joined us. She sat down without saying a word to anyone. Guilt made me avoid having eye contact with her.
“Susan can’t you see Josephine’s fiance, you should at least say hi.”
“Hi!” She said without even looking at my face.
“Susan you have to stop being disrespectful, Gerald here is a guest.”
“It’s fine ma.” I quickly cut in.
“Let’s just have dinner.”
There were different delicacies in before me, I found myself betwixt different minds on what to eat. At last, I took a little food like a gentle man would.
Few minutes later, Josephine’s dad stepped in. My legs quaked vehemently as soon as I saw him, I was shaking and I was worried they may notice.
“Welcome dad.” Josephine said.
“Good… good… good evening sir.”
“Ah! Young man, how are you.”
“I’m fine sir.”
He sat down, washed his hand and immediately started digging into the food in a hurry, there was an absurd silence for some minutes. I was done with my meal, I didn’t want to eat anymore so I would not get the old man giving me the looks.
“And how is work?.”
“Work is fine sir. Although I took a leave at the office so I could have enough time to plan for the wedding.”
“Ok, that’s good. That shows that you truly care about Josephine.”
“Josephine talks about you a lot.” Mrs added.
I turned to Josephine, her cheeks were all red.
“You must really love Josephine. When I first saw you I knew you are a hard-working man and the right man for my daughter. You’re trying your best to make the wedding a success and I can see that. I just want you to know that I’m proud of what you are doing and I hope you won’t let me down.”
“Thank you sir, I won’t sir.”
“That’s good. Now I want you to write me a list of all that’s left to put in place and I’ll make sure everything is settled.”
“Wow! Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate it sir.”
Josephine’s dad was rather kind today, I found it hard to believe; it seemed I had gained his trust.
“You’re welcome. You deserve it, I have seen that you must be a very good man.” He said boldly.
“Indeed.” Susan chipped in. That was the first thing she had said since her dad came in and she was already causing troubles.
“And what do you mean by that?” Her dad said with a suspicious look.
“I said indeed; he must be a good man.”
“Of course he is.” Her dad reaffirmed.
“Yeah, Gerald has always been a nice and faithful guy, except…”
“Except what?”
“Except he also has a wonderful personality”
What was Susan up to? I tried hiding the discomfort in me but it was starting to show, I couldn’t stay any longer. And as soon as we were done with our meals I greeted everyone goodbye, with a silly excuse of having an urgent meeting to attend. I was shocked they bought it, except Susan of course.
I didn’t go home, I called Dave to meet me at the bar. I needed his advice and very fast.
I waited patiently for Dave to show up, and it was more than an hour before he finally did.
“Guy wetin dey sup? Why your face dey like this?” He asked.
“Omo e done happen o, you warned me but I didn’t listen.”
“What happened?”
“It’s Susan.”
“Susan? Wait!… Don’t tell me she…”
“Yes. She did.”
“She blackmailed you? How much did she ask for?”
“She didn’t ask for money, that’s the problem. Susan wants me to tell my wife everything that happened between the both of us.”
“Ahh! That girl wants to ruin your marriage o.”
“I don’t even know what to do right now, I’m just f*cked up.”
“Don’t worry bro, I have the perfect idea.” Dave said with a soft pat on my back.
“What do you suggest I do?”
“Kill her!”

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