In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(10)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(10)

Romance 💕 Stories

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 10

I hurriedly opened the door and I was stunned to see two policemen in front of me.
Instinctively, I tried closing the door when one of them quickly held it back.
“Good…good…morning officers, how may I help you” I couldn’t help but quiver.
“It’s afternoon by the way.”
“Sorry sir, you know the weather these days.” I said letting out a fake laughter which they didn’t reciprocate. I was so tensed, I began to worry that they may notice how anxious I was.
“Are you Mr. Gerald Samson?” One of them said with a stern look.
“Oh my goodness!” I whispered. That question sent shivers down my spine, fear gripped me. I searched for words but I couldn’t find any.
“Sir, I asked you a question.”
“Are you alright?” Came the other officer’s voice who appeared to have been holding his peace for too long.
“Will you answer the question… Are you Gerald Samson or do you know any one named Gerald Samson?!” He fired.
“No…no…” I lied.
“Get me the picture.” He said to the other who brought a printed photo out of his pocket.
“It’s looks a lot him.” The other whispered.
“It’s him… criminal!.”
“So Mr man you have the guts to lie to officers of the law, do you know that that is a very grave offence.”
“I… I am not lying sir.” I stuttered.
“Handcuff this criminal.” He ordered.
The other policeman brought out a pair of handcuff from his pocket and made to cuff my hands. I struggled with him, but I soon came crashing on the ground as he brushed my legs.
“Ahh!” I screamed.
The neighbourhood was getting filled, as people came to see what was going on. He dragged me on the floor like a hardened criminal as I struggled in vain to let go.
I didn’t even notice the van packed at the front. Three more men on uniform ran towards him and helped lift me up the ground.
In the twinkle of an eye, I was thrown into the back of the vehicle like a wanted criminal. They kicked me about mercilessly, raining curses and blows on me.
The worst had happened and I could only pray that it was just a nightmare.
As we drove off, it was then I really understood what had befallen me. Those sweet minutes of pleasure that got hormones rushing through my body, those feelings of excitement that I felt were out of this realm, those few minutes of sinful pleasure had gotten me into this.
It was never worth it. It was then I realised and questioned myself.
“What have I done??”
If anyone had told me two months ago that I would find myself in this ditch just because
of the honeypot in between a lady’s legs I would have argued with all my might.
I reminisced in my head, how did I get here? All I wanted was to spend the rest of my f!lthy life with Josephine, a dream that had started fading away. How did the police even get to me? What could have probably gone wrong? Could they have caught Danjuma?
Danjuma that they said had been super sleek in all his operations, why would he get caught now that I was involved.
“Will you sit upright.”
I was brought back to reality by a resounding slap that saw stars swirling round my head.
“If you try any funny business here, I’ll blow your head off.” An officer who seemed to be having a bad day thundered.
“Sir please.” I begged.
“I’m just a middle-aged man trying to make life better for my family.”
“You better remain silent because anything you say or do can and may be used against you in the court of law.”
“Geex!” I was doomed.
I placed my both hands over my head, like a wife in mourning of her late husband. We had arrived at the district police station and I recognised one of Josephine’s dad’s car parked outside the station.
My earnest prayer was for it to belong to someone else.
“Bring him down!” The officer who seemed to be in charge of them commanded.
“Yes sir.” The others answered.
They treated me like a non-living thing, dragging and beating me with their batons as we entered the station.
“This is the criminal.” The officer shouted.
I felt like I should vanish into thin air as my eyes met Susan and her dad before me.
“You this foolish boy.” Mr. Dan Adepoju roared.
“I thought you were a responsible person, not knowing we were dealing with a hardened criminal.”
“Taarh!”. He spit on me.
That was the biggest shame I had ever faced in my lifetime. As if it wasn’t enough, Susan walked up to me to tear open my wounds.
“So you planned to kill me… just because I threatened to expose how you tricked me into been your sex doll.”
“Susan you know that’s not what happened.”I cried.
“You deceived me Gerald, used me, took advantage of me. Gerald you are evil.” Susan said as a tear dropped from her eyelids, I never knew she was this good an actress.
“Despite how Josephine and my family have showered you with love, you prefer to repay evil for good. Thank goodness you showed what you truly are made of before my sister got married to you.”
I was clouded in shame, so Susan had already soiled my name before my fiancee and her dad, moulding the story to her favour. I just wished the ground would tear open and swallow me. The station was packed up; everyone curious to see what was going on.
“Ehh Mr. Daniel.” Came the inspector’s voice.
“We are very happy that we got him arrested because through this case we’ve been able to arrest Danjuma; a wanted notorious hired killer that had broken out of jail two years back. He had been on the run ever since.”
“Okay, that’s good.” Mr Daniel replied.
“Yes, the police force have being competent and as we speak he is one his way to the national prison.”
“It’s alright officer. What I want you to do for me now is to deal with this heartless man here. Let your men torture him, inflict pains on him, kick him, give him heavy blows. Make him beg for death.”
“Alright sir.”
“Make sure you do what I have payed you for, I want this fool to regret been born. Since he wanted my precious daughter dead, let’s see how he likes been subjected to torture. What a bastard!” He exclaimed.
“Sir I assure you that we will do more than you have asked. The police is your friend and you can always rely on us, as long as you keep rewarding us handsomely there is nothing to worry about.” The inspector laughed heartily.
I knew at once, at the end of his statement, that I was just at the beginning of the end.

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