In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(13)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(13)

Romance 💕 Stories

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 13

Almost a minute passed before the visitors finally showed up. My pupils dilated, my jaw dropped. I was in disbelief to see who was in front of me… I bowed my head in shame. It was Dave and Josephine, I saw a damning look of contempt on her face, she appeared detested by my mere sight.
Two chairs were provided for them and they sat side by side. There was a thick fog of silence, everyone was speechless. What a grave crime I had committed!
“I’m sorry, I’m deeply sorry for what I did to you.” I said breaking the unending silence between us.
“You are sorry?!” Josephine shouted.
“After all you did? Where do I even start from. Gerald you slept with my sister… my blood sister. And you never thought about how I would feel. Not to mention that our wedding was scheduled for a few weeks time.
“I never meant it…” I begged.
“Gerald, you tried to kill my sister and you say you never meant it. You never meant what exactly? You never meant to pay for a hotel, take my sister for an outing and have s*x with her?”
“I never intended to hurt you.” I said feebly.
“What then were your intentions??.” Josephine shouted at the top of her voice.
It was obvious, there was no way Josephine could love me again, after all the length I went just to keep this dirty secret from her. Truly there’s nothing under the sun that can be hidden forever. I had messed up big time by cheating on Josephine but I never should have tried to kill Susan. What was I even thinking? It was all Dave’s idea but I had to suffer for it, afterall he was only trying to help.
“Baby please, I am truly sorry, I don’t know what came over me. It was lust and I have realized that lust has consequences. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me” I pleaded.
“First of all, I am not your baby. And secondly; I need you to know that there’s nothing, I repeat nothing under the heavens that’s going to make me come back to a murderer. Do you even know the great evil you have done, my sister would have been dead by now if not of Dave who tipped the police of your evil plans”
“Babe, it’s okay. Just calm down okay?” Dave said drawing Josephine into his arms. “It’s okay, you don’t have to spill everything.”
”What!!!” I couldn’t believe it, I was dumbfounded at that very moment. It all made sense now, all the pieces had started falling into place. Dave was my good friend; my best friend.
Never would I believe that Dave could do such to me. And to think that he called my fiancee – Babe. In my presence! Couldn’t he have at least respected the friendship we once shared.
“You know what, just excuse us for a little while. At least, Gerald used to be my friend. Let me just have a few words with him, okay?”
“Okay.” Josephine replied, as Dave helped her up. She shook her head staring at me with a look of disappointment.
“You’ll pay for this.” She said snapping her fingers as she walked out of sight.
“What was that Josephine said?” I asked Dave with a stern look.
“It is what it is.” He chuckled.
“I trusted you”
“That’s the thing, you don’t trust humans bro. Humans are egocentric, money hungry and filled with evil thoughts. Humans seize every opportunity they see to make their lives better, and I must say; I am one of such humans.” Dave said with a devilish grin.
I had never killed someone before, but if I was given a knife I wouldn’t hesitate a second to drive it deep into his heart and watch him die begging for help.
“You’re heartless! You’re wicked! You’re evil!!!” I screamed.
“Of course, I am.” Dave said laughing hysterically.
“Just to add salt to your injury, I think you should know that you’re the cause of your problems. You’re too gullible for a man, and when I saw opportunity I seized it.”
He paused.
“Getting married to Josephine would mean a big upgrade to my financial status. Just picture it; getting married to her would make me a co-owner of her dad’s insurance company. But I had to get you out of the way and obviously that was where Susan came into the picture. It wasn’t easy to convince her though, despite Susan been a bad b#tch I had to promise her a whole lot to agree to it.”
“So Susan is in on this too” I asked.
“Of course, that b#tch has always been envious of her sister. I mean, considering that her dad had promised a whole lot of his wealth to Josephine.”
“And I thought Susan loved me.” I cried.
“Susan? love you?? You must be joking.” He said with a mocking laughter.
“Do you know how I begged her to have s*x just once with you. Although she surprisingly began to feel some affection towards you, even pleading that we end the plans. Well, not until you called her a sẹx doll.”
Dave said bursting into a serious round of laughter.
“So what’s the essence, why are you telling me all these? You came to let me know how much of a fool I am, right?”
“No, the thing is despite all these. I still feel bad for you. Your family don’t even know you’re locked up because no one has told them anything. I could help them reach you, get a proficient lawyer because your trial comes up in three weeks time.”
“Please get me out of here. I’ve suffered enough in this place.” I begged.
“But there’s a problem?”
“What?” I asked.
“I’m only kidding.” Gerald said as he burst into another round of laughter.
He had pushed me to wall, and I could not believe someone I called a friend could do this.
“Hope you know you won’t go free.” I said putting an untimely end to Dave’s laughter.
“When we eventually go to court, you should remember that the lies won’t balance out. Nothing can be hidden forever, I’ve learnt that and I hope you learn it too.”
“NONSENSE!” Dave said as he got up and left immediately. My statement must have angered him, because he can’t bear the pain that truly nothing can be hidden forever.
I shot a deadly stare at him as he walked back to the station. I remained there for minutes, same position; stiff, speechless, motionless. I hoped to wake up from a dream but it was all reality. I cried in my heart for God’s help but I saw not even a glimpse of hope.
Dave had scarred my heart, imprinted a lesson that would last with me forever. I swore to myself to never trust anyone again. I was broken, devastated, disgraced, betrayed… and I sought to take my life…

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