In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(14)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(14)

Romance 💕 Stories

Written by Henry Zibima


Dave had scarred my heart, imprinted a lesson that would last with me forever. I swore to myself to never trust anyone again. I was broken, devastated, disgraced, betrayed… and I sought to take my life.
I had suffered enough, how would I live with such burdens on me for the rest of my life.
How would I survive knowing that my closest friend could do this to me.
My sweet going life had turned miserable in just a short while. What then is the benefit of living? It was better I put an end to everything. And suiçide seemed like the only way to do that…
I looked around for any sharp substance, anything thing at all that could end my misery.
But there was nothing except the chair I sat on. Soon I heard footsteps approaching. “It must be one of the police men.” I thought.
He opened the locks and pushed the door open.
“Your time is up. Get up! Let’s go.”
I sluggishly stood up from the chair and walked out the small room. This time another policeman accompanied him. I dragged my feet as I moved, my both hands in my front bound together by the handcuff. They walked closely behind me, just to make sure I didn’t try anything stupid.
We had already gotten to the cell when suddenly I gave a loud wail. I couldn’t hold it back anymore.
“I want to die!!” I screamed, tears dribbling down my cheek. Everyone’s attention was drawn to me.
“Look Mr man, if you want to die you better go in there before you think of doing that,”
I was transfixed to the ground, I didn’t care what anyone had to say. At that point, I was basically tired of living.
“Besides, we need less people like you in the world.” Came the policeman’s voice.
He opened the door to the cell, and I dragged myself inside. My feet seemed heavy, but my heart was heavier.
I placed my hand in between the space in the rails, and he removed the handcuff from my hands.
“You want to die… after trying to kill someone. Wicked people everywhere.” He said with a hiss.
I sat forcefully on the hard concrete floor, a sharp pain pierced through my #ss.
“E wan die… now now wey e enter cell. You never see anything.” Chairmo said and everyone burst into laughter, except Tari of course – the young boy who was brought in a few days ago.
After I had cried myself out in a corner, the young boy walked up to me.
“I’m very sorry,” He said with a wave of concern.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.” I said cleaning the tears on my face so I wouldn’t be taken for a child.
“I always felt like you’re feeling now, I felt like dieing, I even felt like taking my life not until you made me see reason to live again. You told me that as long as there’s life, there’s hope.”
“Tari I understand your point but it’s not as easy as you think. But I’ll try. I won’t try anything stupid, as long as there’s life there’s hope.” I said wiping the little drops of tears on my eyes with the back of my palm.
“Okay then. But I have a question to ask you and I just hope you won’t mind.”
“What’s that?” I asked curiously.
“Umm… it’s about what the officer said. I know this might sound stupid but did you really try to…to kill someone?”
“Yes. I did,” I said boldly.
“But I regret it.”
“Woah!” He gasped.
“Wh…why?” He asked inquisitively.
“It’s quite a long story, but since you asked I’ll tell you everything.”
I spent almost an hour telling Tari about my awful plight. He was shocked, he couldn’t even say a word as all he could do was nod.
Finally he spoke,
“So you mean the guy that orchestrated everything was here just now?…”
“Yes,” I said. “My best friend.”
“That’s very wicked.” Tari said with disdain.
“Yeah, you’re still young. At least you’ve learnt not to trust anyone…and also to fear women.” I laughed.
“Honestly,” Tari said laughing hysterically.
“If to say I fear woman, I for no go give my neighbour pikin belle.” He said bursting into another round of laughter.
“Yes o.” I answered.
After we had laughed to our fullness, I gave a huge sigh of relief. I felt better.
“Ehe! If I may ask, do your parents know you’re here.” I questioned.
“I hope so. I gave the police my dad’s number but I just hope they’ve contacted him… because I can’t go back to the streets. No love out there, I just pray my parents would accept me like the prodigal son.”
“They should come as quickly as possible, you’re getting thinner by the day.” I said.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to leave here.”
2 days later
A policeman banged heavily on the gate that early morning, putting an abrupt end to my sleep.
“Who is Tari Josiah? You are very lucky because you’ve been granted bail.”
“Bail?” I saw joy in his eyes. What a good news for him.
“Who be Tari Josiah?!” The officer queried.
“Me, na me.” Everyone chorused. They had all suddenly changed their names to Tari Josiah.
“See, I no come here to joke o. If you no say you no be the Tari you better shut your mouth…abi no be this cell?”
“It’s this cell sir,” Tari cut in.
“Na me be Tari… Tari Josiah.”
“You’re parents are here, and they have payed for you to be released on bail.”
“Thank God!” He screamed happily.
Wow! That was the best news I had heard since I got arrested. Tari smiled sheepishly, finally he could reconcile with his parents and make amends.
But I had began to wonder; what was keeping my parents from doing anything about my situation. Could it be that none of my friends and family knew about this.
“Officer abeg, you fit help me do something…” I asked
“And what is that?” He asked with a devil-may-care attitude.
“Abeg, make I give you my people number. So that them go know say na where I dey be this.”
“See this man o,” His anger sparked.
“I be like errand boy to you?”
“Sorry sir, no vex.”
“Tari please let me give you my parents number, even if it’s for you to memorise it. Please just help me get in touch with them, please…” I begged.
I quickly gave him my dad’s number as I kept thanking him repeatedly. At least I would be expecting to get released on bail, even if it’s just for a little while.
I was quite baffled though, as to why I had not heard from anyone in my family. But I never knew that Susan’s dad had put everything in place to ensure that I remained in the cell till the day of trial…

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