In Love with Lucifer`s Daughter(15)

In Love with Lucifer`s Daughter(15)

Romance 💕 Stories

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 15

I really needed to get out of this living hell, get an efficient lawyer and show everyone Dave’s true colours.
And after giving Tari my dad’s contact, my hopes came alive once more. The guard shut the cell and I bade Tari goodbye.
Two days had passed, and still there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I was drowning in hopelessness, what was really going on? Was Tari not able to reach my parents?
“God please… just help me this once. Vindicate me from this mess.” I cried.
I had become very thin, my ribs clearly visible and my eyes had sunk in. It would be very difficult someone to recognise me because of how pale I looked.
It was already noon and my belly rumbled because I wasn’t satisfied after eating the little akara they served us as dinner. Despite how little it was, I still had to give Chairmo his own share. That guy has no conscience. It felt like I had not even eaten but I had to manage it.
“Hey! Gerald!” Came a policeman’s voice.
“You have visitors.”
Visitors? I hurriedly picked myself up, silently praying for it to be my parents.
He led me to the small room I was the last time.
Quickly, I sat down; my hands in a praying posture.
Soon, my visitors were seated before me; Mr and Mrs Samson – my both parents.
I had not seen them since last Christmas.
“Chimooo!” My mum wailed.
“What have they done to my son…my only son.”
My dad patted her on the back.
“It’s okay. It’s okay.” He said.
“Chai! See my son, see how thin you have become,”
“Honey it’s okay.”
“See wounds…all over.”
“Mum, I’m fine. The wounds will heal with time.”
“My son, how have you been? They said you are a criminal…but I know it’s a lie. You can never do such.” She said confidently and I bent my head in shame.
“Son, how long have you been in this station?”
“More than a week now.” I muttered.
“How come you were arrested? What did you really do?” My dad asked looking very curious.
“I don’t even know where to start, but I think it’s best I begin with an apology…”
“Wait!” My dad cut in.
“Don’t tell me what they said is true.”
“It is…”
“Chai! So it is true that my son is now a criminal. Gerald, you that was very bright in school.” My mum said shaking her head in dismay.
“Mum it’s not totally true.” I muttered.
“Chai! All those evil people in the village have turned my good son into something else.”
“Mum it’s not totally true.”
“And what do you mean by that?!” My dad fired.
“Did you really try to kill your fiancee’s sister??”
“Yes, but that’s not all that…”
“Gerald what has come over you? What have you become?” My father shouted at the top of his voice.
“Dad I know I made a mistake, but I’ve realized that and I truly regret my actions.”
“Gerald, paying for someone to get killed is too big a mistake. In fact, it’s now I’m starting to wonder; why would you do such? What has Susan done to you?”
I then realized my parents were not even aware of what transpired between Susan and I. And with their reactions I could only wonder what they would do if they found out.
“I asked you a question, why did to want Susan dead?”
“You wouldn’t understand dad. Let’s just leave everything in the past,”
My dad shook his head with a look that screamed disappointment.
“I’m truly sorry. Everything just happened so fast and it still baffles me how it turned out this way. Please I really need your forgiveness.”
My mum was speechless, her gaze fixed to the ground, all she did was sigh.
“Please dad, get me out of this place… please.”
“We applied for a bail but it’s not going to be possible because of the gravity of your offence.” He said with disdain.
“Get me a lawyer then.”
“Hmm! You don’t even sound remorseful.”
“I am dad. You won’t understand; it’s just that the true criminal is walking free while I’m in chains. Please just get me an efficient lawyer, please.”
“It’s okay. You’re still my son; my only son if not I would have disowned you.”
“Haa! Disown?” I said within myself.
“I’ll see what I can do; I’ll talk to my lawyer.”
“Thank you very much.” I said.
My mum was still sobbing and I noticed teardrops on her face.
“Honey why are you crying, everything will be fine.”
“My only son has become something else o.” My mum sobbed.
“Your mum will keep shedding tears as long as she’s here. We have to leave.”
“I’ll see to it that my lawyer is here at most tomorrow.”
“Okay. Thank you, thank you very much.”
“Let’s go.”
My dad took hold of my mum’s hand and they both left.
I hieved a heavy sigh of relief, at least I had caught a glimpse of hope.
I waited nervously for my dad’s lawyer to show up. Mr Akindele had been very proficient over the years, he had won a lot of cases for my dad. The most recent was a land dispute that seemed already lost but Mr Akindele came to the rescue.
I was quite confident, because I was fully aware of what he is capable of. Even if I would get jail time I knew he could help reduce it.
However, I was starting to run out of patience. It was noon already and he still had not showed up.
“Mr Gerald!” A policeman called.
I turned and I was overjoyed to see my dad’s lawyer standing beside the policeman.
“He is here to see you.” My whole body leaped for joy, like someone who had just won a lottery.
The policeman let me out, he handcuffed me but this time he took me to another room. There were two chairs, I sat on one while Mr Akindele sat on the other opposite me.
“Good afternoon Mr Gerald.”
“Good afternoon sir,” I swiftly replied.
“How are you?” He asked.
“I’d been lying if I say I am fine.”
“I understand. Your dad asked me to take charge of your case but if you want me to do that you have to tell me everything that happened.”
“Ok,” I nodded.
“So I… I was having an affair with my fiancee’s sister – Susan.”
“And she threatened to expose me so I… I resolved to paying someone to get her killed. But in the long run he got caught.”
“And you were arrested?”
“This is a very big case, you know. You went quite far in just trying to keep a secret.”
“Yes, but I never wanted to do it, my best friend initiated the plan. He convinced me.”
“You have to be honest with me, okay? I’m your lawyer.”
“What I’m telling you is the truth. My best friend was the one who set up everything, it was even him who gave me Danjuma’s number.”
“But wasn’t it still him that tipped the police?” He asked with raised eyebrows.
“Exactly my point. He wants me in jail. Isn’t it shocking that he’s now dating my fiancee. He just wants her dad’s company, Dave is a greedy bastard!”
“If what you’re saying is true, then I have the perfect plan to expose this Dave of a guy.” Mr Akindele said with a sinister smile.

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