In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(17)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(17)

Romance 💕 Stories

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 17

“Tiger! Break this door fast make we teach this guy lesson.”
“Please, please… don’t kill me. I’m the only son of my parents.” I cried.
“Break this door! Now!!” The man fired.
Jesus! I was doomed, this men were not ready to listen to my pleas. Their minds were focused on how to exact vengeance.
“Dave you’ve f*cked up. Why didn’t I think about this??” I soliloquized.
How could I have stepped on the lion’s toes just to get rid of a dog. Ahh! I’m finished.
I paced up and down the room, seriously racking my brain on what to do. My legs were shaking, my breath loud and fast, adrenaline rushed at the realisation that my life was at stake.
Suddenly, an idea struck me. Maybe I should offer them money, hopefully that would melt their anger.
“Please, just let me go. Even if it’s money you want I will give you any amount. Just let me be… please.”
“This guy, you must be very stupid to think you can pay for my brother’s death. You are the reason he was sentenced to death by hanging and you think you can pay your way out of this?”
It seemed my attempt to calm him angered him the more.
“For this rubbish you just said, if I don’t cut off your head… then I no be Samba.”
Negotiating with this guys would be a pure waste of time. I had to look for a way of escape; I had to fight for my life.
I quickly picked up my phone and dialled the inspector’s line.
“If you involve the police in this, I will make sure I wipe your entire family from the surface of the earth.”
Jesus! How did he know I was about calling the police.
They pushed heavily against my door, but I thank God it was made with quality metal.
“You are wasting too much time. Get me the dynamite!” I heard him order.
“But the neighbourhood will be alarmed.”
“I don’t care.” He blurted.
Geez! I had to find a way of escape. These men were going to blow my door open! I looked around, I couldn’t figure out any way out.
Just then it occurred to me; there were no rails on my toilet window.
I ran into my toilet. A-ha! The window was open, it was very small but the fear of death assured me that I could fit myself and pass through.
I climbed up, put my head through and I could see the thick darkness that clouded the neighbourhood. I squeezed my body through but it was too tight for me to pass. I had to come back inside and try again.
This time around, I placed my legs first and I was already halfway through when I heard a loud explosion.
Bang! Came the blast. They blew my door open with the dynamite.
I began hearing footsteps, voices… they had entered my house.
My heart had gotten to my throat, I could hear it pound loudly like a pestle.
“Check everywhere!” I heard a voice roar.
I forced myself through, I didn’t mind as the window scratched against my flesh. I was through, I landed in the bush behind my window. Immediately my toilet door flew open.
My fall gave a loud thud and I was forced to yell.
“Ahh!” I groaned.
“He’s outside! He’s outside!!”
I began running through the thick bush, I could hear footsteps steps approaching quickly and with each passing second they got louder. I ran through the bush till I burst out in my street. My eyes caught a house just by the roadside and I immediately ran down to it.
“Open up!! Please open up!!!” I yelled.
I could see them now, three hefty men running speedily in the darkness.
“Who is there?” Came a girl’s voice.
“Please open up…if you don’t open up I’ll die. Please…”
Bang! Bang!
They shot twice in the air and immediately I heard whimpering in the house. They were getting closer and it appeared the girl feared to open the door.
I took to my heels instantly, multiple bullets filled the air. It rained bullets. They shot at me repeatedly but luck was on my side. I had gotten to the roadside and immediately signalled a taxi to stop.
They were closer now, another bullet came piercing through the man’s glass window.
“Jesus!!” He screamed and zoomed off immediately.
The few taxis on the road had started revising at the sound of the gunshots. I dashed over to the other side of the road. I stopped
a taxi and before it could park I had already dived into it. Gunshots were fired incessantly at us as the driver sped off.
When we had driven till safety, my heart finally got its original beat.
“Who are those people, why are they trying to kill you?” The driver asked still struggling to catch his breath.
“Please, I’ll explain later. Just get me to a safe place, please.”
The driver gave a big sigh as he sped off.
I passed the night in his house. He had two kids, the older should be about nine and the other seven. They were fast asleep . His wife prepared a meal for the both of us. I ate to my satisfaction, they were really of great help to me.
“So what happened? Why were those people trying to kill you?” He asked keenly.
“Hmm!” I gave a deep sigh.
“I was responsible for the arrest of one of them, and because of that they want me dead.” I managed to say.
“Jesus! People are evil.” He said looking very shocked.
“Don’t worry, God will protect you.”
“Amen,” I answered.
I spent the night at their house, sleep was far from me. Whenever I managed to shut my eyes Danjuma’s face would appear in my dreams, jolting me back to reality.
My eyes were red the next morning, I barely even shut my eyes for a minute. I thanked the man very much and immediately I set out to leave.
My plan was to travel to a far away state; a place where I could be rest assured of my safety. I wasn’t with any money, but the man gave me some cash; enough to find my way out of town.
I walked speedily out the street, I had barely gone far when my eyes caught someone staring evilly at me. His glare sparked fear in me, suddenly he started walking quickly towards me. His hand in his jacket, like he was hiding something.
Instinctively, I started running back, my heels touching my back. I ran towards the house and I sighted the man who helped me standing outside.
“No! Go back!!” He screamed.
A bullet pierced through his head from the back, and he fell face down. Blood oozing out his head.
Someone had shot him dead.
Immediately, I saw a man inside the house, clothed in black apparel, a pistol glittering in his hands…

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