In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter (E1)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter (E1)

Romance 💕 Ongoing Stories Stories
(This story is rated 18+)
Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 1

My fiancee’s sister seduced me!
Josephine and I were set to get married in about a month time. Our pace was fastened in earnest preparation for the wedding. It was just about six months ago when I proposed to her; I surprised her at her workplace. She went utterly speechless as I bent one of my kneels to the ground holding a plain black ring case in my hands and said the famous four words every lady desires to hear.
“Will you marry me?” I asked softly.
People quickly gathered around to see what was going on. A lot of chattering came from the crowd but I recognized the voice of her best friend.
“Say yes Josephine, say yes”. Her best friend urged.
“Do me the honors by completing me as a man; let me be the one to place a ring on your finger; Josephine I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, apart from you” She hesitated, maybe because she was yet to recover from the shock. I was a thousand percent certain she never saw it coming; not even a fortune teller would. I had to smile to conceal the anxiety I started to feel within, a lot of people had already begun recording videos with their phones and I didn’t want to end up being disgraced on social media. Her hesitation had began to spark fears in me, but I was soon overwhelmed with relief when she finally spoke.
“Yes! Gerald, Yes!”
Screams of delight saturated the atmosphere and I was filled with ecstasy. I placed the ring slowly on her finger while she leaped for joy. I pulled her close to me, into a warm hug; boy I felt fulfilled. It still is the happiest day of my life, although Josephine’s dad was not fully in support of our union. He claimed he wanted the perfect men for his jewels.
He is a highly respected man and owns one of the biggest insurance companies in the country. I found out that he had refused a lot of men from getting married to his daughters, his behavior is cold almost always and it’s really very tough to please him.
I got to know Josephine through her younger sister – Susan. Her spellbinding sexy shape was what earned her popularity in the university. As a matter of fact; Josephine is really very beautiful but Susan is just a goddess; she was known for her voluptuous shape. Susan had a sculpted figure; she was wasp waisted, had wide hips and a proportionate upper body. She could be likened to an hour glass, only that her curves were more defined. She had slender eyebrows and her eyelashes were velvety. Susan had a joyous personality, a sugary voice which I adored. She had the ideal body any lady would desire, I sometimes wonder if God was showing off when he created her.
If it were possible, I would have gotten married to her instead but she had lots of suitors on her neck and I even suspected she was taken. Aside that, I knew Susan had some feelings for me. I became sure of it when she started acting jealous after I proposed to her elder sister. Whenever I was at their family house, Susan would be on skimpy clothes. She would put on very brief gowns and mini skirts, displaying her assets whenever I was around. I just assumed it was nothing but I never knew she had other sinister plans.
I tried to avoid any problems but I knew deep down I really wanted to strāff her. It even got to the extent where I would create fantasies in my head; I would imagine her drawing circles on my d!ck with her killer @ss, m0aning loudly and screaming my name. Boy did I imagine crazy things, for someone who was about to wed, you could judge me as a carefree person. I didn’t have any plans to cheat on Josephine but I knew very well that if her younger sister gave me the chance, I was gonna seize the opportunity and f#ck the hell outta her.
The Devil knew my heart, he knew that all I needed to cheat on my fiancee was space, time, opportunity. So he served it to me; on a platter of gold…

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