In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(E8)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(E8)

Romance 💕 Stories
Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 8

“Kill her??” I shouted.
“Are you out of your mind?? What sort of crazy thing are you suggesting.”
“Bro that’s the perfect solution.” Dave said calmly.
“Killing her? How is killing her going to solve my problems, are you even hearing yourself. How do expect me to do such?”
“Bro I’m giving you a good solution and you’re just blabbing.”
“Dave all I wanted was a quick make out between Susan and I; I expected this to just be like a one night stand where everything will remain in the past but I’ve landed myself into the frypan and you want me to jump into the fire?!”
“Honestly I don’t see how this is a big deal.” Dave said.
“Oh my goodness! Dave how is killing someone not a big deal.”
“Why are you shouting? do you want people to hear us. It’s a simple something, if you’re not okay with it just say so and we can move on.”
“C’mon bro, I’ve already committed fornication, now you want me to become a serial killer.”
“Now, listen up guy. It’s just once, you’re not gonna be a serial killer. It’s a one time something.”
“One time something? That was what I had in mind when I started having sex with Susan. Even if, it’s someone’s life we’re talking about here.”
“You know what? It’s fine. I was by myself, you called me and asked for my help, I’ve given you a brilliant idea. Why not suggest something else if have a better idea instead you want to crucify me like am the bad guy. Look, I’m dusting my hands concerning this issue, carry your cross yourself, besides I have nothing to gain or lose. But when Susan exposes you be ready to bear the repercussions.”
“It’s okay Dave. I know you’re trying to help but killing Susan is insane. And even if I agree to that, how you do you even intend to do it.”
“That’s not a problem, we can get it done with just the snap of a finger.”
“Snap of a finger? How do you mean?” I asked curiously.
“So now you’re interested.” Dave said shaking his head.
“I’m not saying I’ve agreed to this, I just want to know what you have in mind, or is it poisoning?”
“Poisoning ke, that’s if you want to end up in jail. By the time investigations are the made as to who gave her what contained the poison it wouldn’t take time before the police apprehends you.”
“So what then is your so-called perfect plan.”
“We leave it to the professionals, simple. Luckily, I know the right man for the job. All you’ll do is chat him up; give him the person’s name, image and address, you make payments and after that everything will be settled.”
“And how much is this payment?”I asked.
“It depends on the person’s status in the society, for someone like Susan it shouldn’t cost more than a hundred thousand naira.”
“A hundred thousand naira? For someone’s life?”
“Do you want it to be costlier?”
“No, not that. I’m just bewildered at how people make transactions over someone’s life.”
“Desperate times call for desperate measures Gerald.”
“Thanks man, you’re indeed a good friend.” I said as I shaked his hand tightly.
“Anything for you bro. Here’s the number, take it and message him. He’s going to ask for a password before he’ll be able to attend to you, the password is NO MERCY. Okay?”
“Alright man, but I still find it difficult to continue with this; my conscience won’t let me.”
“To be honest; there’s nothing to worry about, as long as we’ve left it to the professionals. Besides, you’re not the one doing it; so you’re hands are clean. Afterall, Susan also wanted evil for you.”
“You are right, that b!tch would have done same if she was in my shoes.”
I agreed to it; for trying to come in between Josephine and I, I was going to relocate Susan to the morgue. If everything goes smoothly, my secrets would be safe and my life will be back to normal.
Still, my conscience continually wearied me. Even though I wasn’t going to be the one to kill her, I would be responsible for her death and that thought made me quiver.
Time was running out, if I really wanted to do this I had to hasten up. I sent the assassin a message via WhatsApp.
It read, “Good evening sir.”
I know it was a weird way to start the conversation but I didn’t mind. Someone who had committed a lot of murder – a serial killer at that –deserves to be regarded to as sir.
His reply came in sooner than I expected.
“NO MERCY.” I replied.
“Who directed you?”
“Dave sir.”
“Fine. Send the victim’s name, image, address and phone number (optional)”
I quickly sent him all he asked for, I already had them prepared since Dave had told me earlier. I was quite amazed at how he handled everything so professionally, this guy was a “no joke” serial killer.
“The price is ₦150,000.”
“150!” I exclaimed. I thought Dave told me a hundred thousand Naira. It sounded like a hilarious thing to do; but I was going to debate on the price with this assassin.
“Can’t you accept ₦100,000? Please that’s what I can afford.” I laughed really hard when I sent the message.
It wasn’t that funny, but I held unto the moment. It was the only time I had genuinely let out a laugh since the troubles began.
“Okay. Just because it’s your first time doing business with me.”
First time Ke? Did I tell this man that I had plans to do business with him again.
“Send the money here 081xxcxxxxx”
It was a betting account. This guy was a real criminal, that way there would be no history of our transaction.
I relaxed into my couch and turned on my tv to watch a movie. I was finally getting a hang of things. Woohoo! Peace of mind, at last.
My prayer now was for everything to go as planned, I wasn’t that worried though since Dave assured me that as long as we left everything to Danjuma -the assassin things would work out just perfect.
I couldn’t believe I had to guts to do this but just like Dave said desperate times require desperate measures.
As I savoured the thought of my life returning to default settings, a message soon lit up my phone screen.
To my dismay, it was a message from Susan.
“Tommorow is your last day, if after tommorow you don’t tell everyone what ensued between the both of us. I’ll have to do the needful, and you know what that means.”
I wasn’t moved even a bit, I gave an evil smirk and whispered in a hush tone.
“Not if you’re dead.”

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