In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(E9)

In Love With Lucifer`s Daughter(E9)

Romance 💕 Stories

Written by Henry Zibima


I scoffed at Susan’s message, so if Dave never came up with a plan I would have been preparing myself for the worst.
It was obvious Susan wanted to ruin my wedding, nothing more. She never really felt any affection towards me and I was thankful I didn’t. It answered the big why I had been pondering upon all these while. Susan had evil intentions all along.
Occasionally, the thought would come up that Susan had ulterior motives but I always ignored it. Not until it got me in quick sand, that would have brought me shame if not for my good friend – Dave.
I never planned for things to turn out this way; it’s funny how what you consider a little sin could turn you into a notorious sinner. All in a bid to cover a little lie, one could end wiping out an entire race.
Apparently, I payed no attention to the movie playing on my tv screen as I was deeply lost in thoughts. Enough of the anxiety, enough of the guilt and emotional blackmail. I promised myself to feel better, I wasn’t looking good because the recent events were starting to tell on me.
I decided to place a call to Dave, to let him know I had contacted Danjuma.
“Hello bro! Good evening.” I said.
“Good evening, what’s up?”
“Nothing much.”
“Have you contacted that guy.” He asked.
“Yeah. We’ve settled everything, I even sent him the money.”
“Wow! Already? You no get joy o.” Dave joked.
“Bro Susan even reminded me in a text that tommorow will be my last day, and if after tommorow I had not told Josephine everything, she’ll do it herself.”
“Nawa! That girl no mean good for you o. How are you sure she even has proof that you really had something with her.”
“Guy she has a video, she even sent it to me on Whatsapp.”
“Are you serious?!” Dave said sounding very shocked.
“That Susan girl has no iota of shame, or does she expect her dad to clap hands for her.”
“That’s why if I wanted to come clean like she said, I would have done that since. Because Susan intends to twist the story in her favour but she will be disappointed, I just pray everything works out perfectly.”
“I pray so too. If not it will be very bad for you, but you shouldn’t let worry weigh you down I believe Danjuma won’t fail us.”
“I hope he doesn’t.”
I ended the call with Dave in deep thoughts. What would happen if Danjuma fails to kill Susan? What if he does and I get caught? My mind raced back and forth. In all my twenty-nine years of living I had never engaged in something as risky as this.
I shut my eyes, I needed sleep; a break from everything.
I woke up very early the day, but I remained indoor. I brushed my teeth, took my bath and had a cereal for breakfast. I waa restless as I anxiously waited to receive news concerning Susan.
The time ran fast, it was already noon and still no news from Danjuma. I expected him to inform me when he had everything done.
Soon a call came in; it was from Susan. I could feel my heart in my throat as I saw Susan’s name on the caller ID. I hesitated for a while, trying to get myself together before I finally answered the call.
“Good day Mr. Gerald.”
“What’s good about the day?” I asked with disgust.
“I called for your own good.”
“What good? When your plans are to nail me with my mistake.”
“That’s the reason I called.”
“Please if you have anything to say just go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush.”
“It’s fine. I just wanted to drop a soft reminder because so far, you’ve not done anything. You seem to doubt the fact that I won’t mind sacrificing myself to sabotage your… sorry I won’t mind sacrificing myself to expose the real you.”
“Why didn’t you complete your statement Susan. Sabotage my what? My wedding? Are you this wicked?”
“I never said I want to sabotage your wedding, you said that.”
“So you could go this great length just to come in between Susan and I. Something is still missing here, what is it you truly want… what has caused this great envy to engulf you?” I asked.
Susan remained silent for a while before she finally let out the truth.
“I think my dad is the cause of all this. That man wants to leave all his wealth to Josephine, I’m sure you know that she’s going to take over the insurance company when she gets married to you. I couldn’t stand all that, I got jealous, really jealous. I thought; why not just sabotage the wedding plans, even if Josephine still gets everything I would have succeeded in bringing her pain and despair.”
“You’re pure evil Susan. So all these was born out of envy and I was just a tool in accomplishing this?” Dāmn! How gullible was I.
“I know why you’re saying all these, it’s because you’re not in my shoes.”
“There’s no excuse worthy enough. Why not ask you’re dad for money, of course he’ll give you enough.”
“Money doesn’t last, I want an already built heritage not me trying to start a foundation from scratch.”
“So now that you feel remorse does it mean you’re not going to continue with exposing what happened between us?”I asked hoping to settle everything the easy way.
“Haha!” Susan laughed.
“You think I will come this far just to back down, you don’t know what I’m capable of. Look, I am…”
What nonsense! I quickly ended the call. Susan had enraged me, it was just a setup to see Josephine shed tears. How could I have fallen for this? I was filled with anger.
I was exasperated, I needed to go outside. Visit a place to just cool my head off.
I dashed into my bedroom, searching my wardrobe for anything nice to put on. I jump into a blue Jean trouser and a red polo shirt. I picked up my car key, wore my cologne and in less than ten minutes I was set to go out.
I had nowhere in mind, I just needed an outing. Even a stroll would do.
I was about leaving when I heard a knock on my door.
“Who could that be?” I asked myself.Or could it be news about Susan’s death? I hoped so, that girl was one heartless b!tch.
I hurriedly opened the door and I was stunned to see two policemen in front of me…

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