It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a bloody marriage (E20)- Matters Arising

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It’s a bloody marriage (E20)- Matters Arising

Episode 20

Matters Arising

You can’t barge into my house as if I am a criminal and accuse me of kil!ing my own neighbour without any solid proof or evidence” Mrs Nwauba barked like a mad dog as she shows the detective and his over muscular bodyguards the exit door. 

“LEAVE my house” Mrs Nwauba commanded as she opened the door and draged the detective out of it. 

“You are trying to stop us from doing our job ma and this is considered obstruction of Justice. You can be labeled a suspect for that” the detective warned. 

“Well, you can do noting now till y’ve gotten yourself a concrete evidence and SOME MANNERS” Mrs Nwauba blows hot adding more emphasis on the ‘Manners’ as flaming smokes of anger emits her ears and nose. Standing at Akimbo with her chest moving up and down to match her heavy breathing pattern. 

God knows, she would have beaten the detective black and blue if not for the over weight bags of skin he came with. 

Oscar and his wife were already enjoying the scene and how things were going from the window. Just then, Oscar sighted Mrs. Nwauba’s son. The boy was peeping through the window with the camera in his hands and one of the policemen is already telling him to Hand over the camera to him. 

Mrs. Nwauba was still distracted exchanging words with the detective that she didn’t know that one of the police men she detest is about to strip her thousands worth camera from her son. 

Oscar immediately rushed outside to intervain. 

“You are not just satisfied by upsetting the mother, now you want to intimidate the child too. We’re you not taught not to point your guns on children or maybe I should wonder what your business is with a 10year old boy’s toy camera” Oscar criricised in an angry tune pretending to be over concerned about the inhumane attitude of the policemen . 

Just then, people started gathering round the scene. 

“What on earth is going on here Officer” Oscar questioned in a rather disrespectful manner. 

The officer was still trying to explain when Oscar raised voice again.

“The fact that Mrs. Nwauba is a very peaceful woman is no longer news in this compound, I have never seen her angry to this extent and if she is this angry now, that means you must have done or say something really bad to her. Well, that is not my business but the fact that even at the state of pro-vo-cation, your men here had the guts to point a gun at an innocent ten years old boy just to have his toy camera melts my heart. Why are you being so unreasonable Officer?” Oscar drops the bombshell. 

The detective became ashamed of himself. He quickly left to the car in anger and drove off with his men. 

People were already talking down the officer and praising Oscar.  It was then that Amaka seized the opportunity to meet the child in the window. Caressing the boys head and pretending to care, she took the camera and stylishly removed the memory card. 

As good neighbors, Oscar and his wife with some other house mates, went into Mrs Nwauba’s apartment to hear the full story. 

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