It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E22)- Nemesis has just began

Action Adventure

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E22)- Nemesis has just began

Episode 22

Nemesis has just began

Back in the compound, there was great chaos. Everybody was arrested and forced to come before Mr. Ayomide, then he started: 

“It is without doubt that my daughter was a tenant in one of the flats in this compound. There are three buildings in this compound and each of these buildings are three stories and nobody here, not even the landlord himself who is not living here would say that he/she has not heard of the death of my beloved daughter after she went missing for months. 

Before I sent police officers to this compound, I have gone to the landlord to inform him of my intentions. So a detective came with his men to investigate the death of my daughter and you assaulted them. You threw stones on them and accused the friendly officers saying they have come to shoot your children” 

Just then, there was an instant mumor and a shout of disagreement between the tenants. 

Mr. Ayomide continues 

“You chased the officers I sent away, men who have come for a peaceful investigation. Tell me one good reason why I should not lock you all up and label you suspects!” Mr. Ayomide said with great anger in his voice. 

The tenants wanted to speak but Mr. Ayomide gave the command and went inside his state of the arts S.U.V. 

“Lock them up” he said. 

Mr. Ayomide was seen trying to make a phone call in his car before he whined up the car window.


“Good evening DPO” he said

Prepare the station, your men are bringing the suspects. Make sure you get a statement from each and everyone of them. 


******* ******** ********

“I think we lost them” Amaka said as she paused to get a quick rest breathing heavily with her palms on her knees as if she has just completed a 100m race. 

“Oh my God!, Jesus !” Oscar exclaimed. 

“This is the worst day of my life” he said as he turned to look at his right hand. 

“Are you wonded?” Amaka questioned as she draws closer to get a better view. 

“I think so” Oscar replied. 

“Oh my God, you got shot! It’s bleeding honey, what am I going to do?, we have to rush to the hospital” Amaka suggested as she quickly tore part of her long skirt and used the material to tie Oscar’s hand to prevent bleeding.

“The memory card!, are you still with it?” Oscar asked.  

“Yes, it’s here” she said.

The couples had jumped the fence to an abandoned land where they hid themselves. They tried to find their path to the hospital but the five muscled bodyguards in police uniform were still hovering round the bush in search of them. 

“We have to go back to our house” Amaka optioned. 

“Yes we do, we need to grab our phones, ATM, few clothes and car keys so we would go away from this city till everything is over” Oscar suggested.

“We can’t leave this bush, else those elephant sized ba$tards would catch us” Amaka optioned. 

“Who says we are leaving the bush?” Oscar replied. 

“We jumped the fence to get here..”

“And we will jump the fence to get out” they said in unison

“I have a cousin who stays at Ikeja, if we can get to our car, we would go straight to him till all these is over” Amaka suggested. 

“No problem. We move once it’s dark” Oscar replied. 


Lights fade…

To be Continued…

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