Lisa, My Friend

Lisa, My Friend

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My friend Lisa has been ignoring me and it’s starting to get on my nerves!
I still find it hard to comprehend, why the sudden silent treatment. Does she still think I have anything doing with her boyfriend. Through out the weekend, Lisa briskly ignored me like I didn’t exist for no just cause.
What amazed me was when I passed by her on my way to work. I waved at her, but what was her response? Lisa hissed and walked by like we were longtime adversaries.
It’s shocking nonetheless, how best friends can easily turn bitter enemies.
But if you think that’s shocking, wait till you hear the unbelievable event that left me puzzled till this moment.
On reaching my place of work today, I was so infuriated by Lisa’s recent behaviour that I ignored everyone and went straight to my office.
I was bemused trying to figure out what could have caused the unexpected enmity between Lisa and I when something happened that shocked me to my bones.
Due to the fact that I work at the morgue, seeing corpses been brought in daily had become a normal thing. But, I was awestruck by this one corpse that was just brought in. Was I hallucinating? I walked closer to get a good look. Behold! I saw myself…lying breathless on the stretcher, pale and without life…

Written by Henry Zibima


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