Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E1 and E2)

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E1 and E2)

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“hello guys, its Michael your favorite Instagram video up loader. Guess what … I just got Married!!!

Just after my upload on Instagram, I wanted to start things off with my newly wedded wife who was busy relaxing on my cozy bed in the sexiest position ever. I rushed her like a hungry lion but she insisted that I should take a shower first. I rushed into the bathroom to have a quick shower, we discussed on how to make the night a memorable one, as we were going to have canal knowledge of ourselves. She suddenly stopped talking,

“this woman wants to kill me with suspense” I taught.

I had a quick shower and came out to meet something that was too heavy for my eyes to behold. As I came out of the bathroom so ready and jubilating like someone who has just won a lottery. what I saw created a sudden change on my facial expression, the room was in disarray and her wedding gown torn apart and scattered in all corners of the room. It was as if she was struggling with something.

There were blood stains on the floor and a very sharp knife laid beside it. I followed the path created by the blood stains. It lead me straight to the sitting room. I suddenly heard a knock on the door. I opened the door only to meet a police man who claims to have gotten a distress call from my house. Still shocked on the whole Scenario. The policeman saw blood stain on my hands and the knife I picked up earlier. He handcuffed me and accused me of killing my wife. I was speechless as the policeman took me into his car and we headed to the police station.



This book is dedicated to all the youths out there who are ready and ripe for Marriage.

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Episode 1 —the wedding night
Episode 2. — the chase

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