Where the Hell is Emily?

Where the Hell is Emily? (E1)- The plague

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Where the Hell is Emily? (E1)- The plague

Episode 1

The Plague

Mike Okoye happens to be one of the most successful computer scientist in Nigeria and Africa at large. He is quite popular with a great satisfactory profile. He was working with Kate Williams who is a micro biologist. The two jammed head to get the Government of Nigeria the perfect disease control software it needs, to deal with the fast rising case of virus driving through the 36 states of Nigeria.

In order to perfectly control the spread of diseases, this software if fully developed, will help combat and control the spread of diseases. But while Nigeria was faced with minor diseases like covid19, HIV, Malaria, cholera etc. something disastrous hit them. THE PLAGUE.


House of the Vice President of Nigeria.

Mike and Kate were seen with Senator Johnson in the house of the Vice President of the Federal republic of Nigeria. In the house stood a very luxurious interior décor, the cool breeze from the Giant Air Conditioner reminded Mike of what he used to describe as a dream home for any Nigerian out there. The sofa made with a mix of luxurious milk and black color with curtains of Gold made beautiful with splashes of milk and black design.

Mike and Kate where still admiring the house when the vice president joined them in the sitting room.

Senator Johnson: God Morning my able vice, you are looking good this morning. Tell me the secrets to this your good looks, you said no (Laughs as he teased the vice president)

Vice President: (laughs as he draws closer to the sofa) Go and get a wife Johnson. That’s my little secret.

Senator Johnson: Just a wife? You mean, if I get married, I will be shinning like you. Eh .. my able vice. (he laughs jokingly)

Vice President: Just get married first, then and only then will you understand the joy of eating well prepared Amala soup and pounded yam (laughs)

Senator Johnson: Ah!, Enjoyment overloaded, I will open my eyes well so I would get a wife that can cook just like our mummy.

Vice president: (Laughs) and who do we have here?

Senator Johnson: These are the specialist I told you about. Mike Okoye here is popularly known as the best computer scientist in Nigeria. He has a lot of wonderful records and a great satisfactory profile.

Vice President: (Nods in a positive way) hum, that’s good.

Senator Johnson: (continues) sitting next to him is Miss Kate Williams. A first class graduate in our very own university, UNN. She made it as the best in the department of Micro Biology. She had her masters in one of the best universities In the united states. (Turns to Kate) What is the name of that university again?

Kate: Stanford University California, sir.

Senator Johnson: Ehee !, (continues) She has also worked with major ,medical firms over there in the US. Not until she discovered how amazing Nigeria can be, she had to come back to enjoy the beauty of Nigeria. (a frown on Kate’s face was noticed, it seems to oppose what the senator had said about her leaving the US)

Vice President: That’s very nice, many people wont come back to Nigeria which is their father land after having a successful life in the UK. Her decision must be applauded.

Kate: thank you very much sir for the complement (smiles at the president and frowns at Senator Johnson)

Vice President: forgive my manners, what will I serve you? (he asked as he calls out to one of his maid)

Senator Johnson: noting sir, don’t stress yourself, we are ok.

Vice President: Ah! .. not even water?

Senator Johnson: (turns to look at Mike and Kate) water will be ok my able vice.

The vice president ordered his maid to get three bottles of water from the fridge.

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Where the Hell is Emily?

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