Why Are The Victims To Be Blamed?

Why Are The Victims To Be Blamed?

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“Why ? why ? , why is this happening ? , why ” I screamed , crying profusely .
“why are the raped always the victims ,why are we the target , the object of criticism ,it’s unfair ” I fell to the ground, weeping .
My life is ruined , my image, job, reputation and lastly my husband is gone , everything , everything is gone!
Everything is gone .
“It’s a lovely and very excited day for me , I will be getting married to the love of my life .”
“Yeah ,the love of my life , my heart, my honey ,my protector ,my all in all , infact my kidney , I’m so excited for this day ” Nora said checking herself out in the standing mirror in the dressing room .
My chief bride maid which is my best friend, Faith came in .
” you ‘re good?” she asked .
” more than good ” I answered
“aren’t you nervous ?” she stared at me
“nope, I’m super excited , Faith I have been waiting for this day for the past Four years now , and it’s happening today ” I said turning around,flexing my wedding gown .
“great , you will be called soon ,you ‘re ready ?’
“yes, sweetie ” I smiled .
Faith left the room .
I sat on the couch , doing nothing in particular , looking round the room , checking myself out again , watching TikTok on my phone .
“ugh ! what’s keeping them ?, this place is boring ” I threw my phone to the other side of the couch ,then it ringed .
I pick the call
“Hi babe “
“what’s up you said I would be called out in latest ten minutes ,it’s been hours ” I screamed .
” hours ? ,calm down babe no need for exaggeration , it’s only been 36 minutes ” Faith said .
“And that’s like 3 hours to me , what’s going on ?”
“lolz 😂, I understand you , you are never patient , anyway come to the hall “
” Myself? what about you ? “
” I’m helping out in the hall , some things are missing ,I’m putting things together here “
“how come ? ,we went everything yesterday ,it was completed .”
“that’s yesterday silly , so come down to the hall, I and the other bride maids will join you , no we will be at the front lined up waiting for you to pass through us , you know the arrange right ? “
“yeah “
“good ” She hang up.
“okay, I guess it’s time ” I left the room , walking majestically with flowers on my hands , a veil covering my face , I suddenly felt scared and nervous , why is this happening , I wasn’t nervous back then in the room .
On my way , I felt the urge to visit the ladies , I went to the restroom at the other side of the hall .
After all and that , I washed my hands as I was about leaving the restroom , someone came in .
I was shocked at first but calm down when I saw my husband best man .
” Ayo , what are you doing here?” I asked
“nothing ,wanna use the toilet “
“but this for females , didn’t you read the signs “
“my bad , I forgot “
I notice something ’bout Ayo , he was moving closer to me in an uncomfortable way .
I wanted to leave , when he dragged me , lock the door and pin me to the wall.
“Ayo , what’s this ?” I asked scared .
“shhhh, just wanna have a little taste of you before your husband own you completely ” he whispered to my ears .
“what? , please don’t do this , please Ayo , you can’t “
He laughed “already done ” he said
“no, my husband trustes you, you can’t do this , not on my wedding day , no please ” I cried trying to make him reason with me.
But all was on deaf ears , he tore my gown , I screamed
” No, stop what are you doing , please ” I was crying , begging .
He tore my dress revealing my boobs
“perfect ” he said starring at them.
Having fun with me might not be the major problem but why should tear my dress ,why ?
“please, not today , okay,after today ,I promise you , I will give you myself , I promise after today , please ,Ayo please”
He didn’t say a word , he rather went to my boobs sucking them .
” Please , I’m a virgin ,I kept myself for this day , for my man only , please don’t do this to me , please , Ayo ,help ,help , someone help me!” I was crying , screaming .
He stopped “help ? ,there is no help with the loud buzzing music ,no one can hear you , no one ” He said dragging me to the floor .
I fought with him which lead me some beatings , he tore my dress, painties and raped me , raped me on my wedding day , while people were celebrating , dancing ,merrying expecting me , I was screaming, shouting , crying , begging for help .
But none came .
After the s*x, He threatened me not to tell anyone he was the one or else he will kill me, kill my husband , and family .
He even hid a camera which he use to video it ,but his face didn’t show in the video , only mine , he threatened to release it online for the whole world to see .He spat on me and left .
I lied on the floor , crying , blood was flowing through my legs , I was in pain , I fantasied about my first night with my husband as a virgin but here I am raped by his best friend .
“where is she? or did she run away ? “people were curious .
“where is the bride?”
Suddenly the bride maids cleared the way one after another shocked at the sight of the bride .
I walked in to the hall , dresses torn, blood on my legs and dress ,hair scattered .
“what’s happening here?” my mum shouted .
My fiance was shocked.
“baby ?”
I went to the alter ,fell on the floor crying , crying .
My mum came to the alter and slapped me , the hall was shocked.
“what’s is this? what are you doing?,why are you like this ?” she asked.
I held my cheeks “I was raped , mummy I was raped ” I was expecting sorry or sympathy but another slap landed on my face .
“are you insane ?, raped? on your wedding day?”
“yes mummy ….I ….” she slapped me again.
“that’s enough ” my dad said .
The hall was scattered with people murmuring
“I knew you were born to bring disgrace to our family , you are always a reckless and careless girl ,raped? are you the only woman in this world ? why you ? are you my only daughter ,why must you disgrace me? ” my mum said.
“shut up , just shut it , raped on her wedding day , look at you, just look at you ” My dad shouted .
I look at my groom ,he looks disappointed in me .
I look at him with pleading eyes , ” it is finished ” he said and left .
“what ? no ? , please ,why ,I am the victim ,why am I being critize ,why ? can’t anyone just gear me out ” I screamed .
Instead My mum bounce on me hitting me with her purse .
“that’s enough ,let’s go ,I have had enough , what a big disgrace to my family , see people gossiping, media and all ,hmm Nora ,Nora you have successfully damage our image ,let’s go” my dad said .
The hall was gradually empty .
I tried to make them reason but all was aborted , I even told them Ayo was the rapists ,I was instead slapped ,accused of lying on him .
I was on media ,the talk of the town , Bride who was raped on her wedding day by her groom best man.
Not even Ayo was blamed , not even Ayo took the pain, I did , I did .

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