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100x gems 💎 is an exclusive crypto group where CRYPTO CALLS/NEWS/UPDATES , FUTURE TRADE , NFT FLIPPING SIGNALS & POTENTIAL AIRDROPS are shared and enjoyed by members only and sometimes GIVEAWAY & RAFFLES are held there

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Just few slots available.

100x gems is ONLY available for 50 people and after all slots are taken the group will be closed permanently.
Purchase date : Sept 16th 1pm UTC - Sept 23th 1pm UTC
Available slot : 13 slots

First phase
Sept 16th - Sept 19th

In this phase only members of 100x can buy up slots & reserved for friends or to resell in the future ( max slot purchase per person : two )


Public phase
Sept 19th - 23th

In this phase, Whatever slot is remaining can be bought by the public


Strictly FCFS (first come first serve).

slots are strightly First Come First Serve and Max slot purchase per person is one. After any successful purchase the individual can become a PERMANENT MEMBER of 100x gems and have access to the group.

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Future trading calls

Work 1 Work 3 Work 3 Work 3 Work 3 Work 3 Work 3

NFT flipping signals

Work 1 Work 2 Work 3 Work 3

Crypto calls

Work 1 Work 2 Work 3

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Slots are very limited

100x Gem



  • Lifetime membership
  • Lifetime news and update
  • Unlimited giveaways and raffles
  • 24/7 support
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