About Divplanet Technologies

How it all started back in 2019

Divplanet Technologies started as an idea back in 2019 when i had very little knowledge of how being an IT person looks like.
being a tech lover, i have always wanted to make life easier and i believed this can be achieved with tech having seen other tech innovations in application and how it has been of great benefit to mankind.

The first step that led to the birth of Divplanet was taken on July 1st, 2019. this was the day i named my company Divplanet.
i choose the name 'Divplanet' because it reflects my creativity, my world. ie 'Div' - 'planet'. 'Div' for Divine and 'planet' for planet. together, the name came to mean 'my planet' and this was where i showcased my creativity.

By 2021, Divplanet started expanding and adding more services. we improved rapidly that by 2022, we decided to get our business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commissions of Nigeria.


C.E.O - Divplanet Technologies
Okoye C. Divine - founder, Divplanet Technologies

How we got here

Throughout our existence over the years, Divplanet Technologies has maintained a high level of transparency in business. we keep the good business practices and we make sure our clients gets the most out of our services

Being your partner in Digital Transformation, we make researches and we enact solutions that will profit your business or make running of day to day business easy and faster.

What we believe in

Building a business is hard, growing it should not break you. As a team at Divplanet Technologies, we believe in the act of simplifying businesses and promoting the business eco-system. making things easy, effective and profitable using technologies.

How we do it

We don't just act, from the smallest to the biggest, we make researches, gather real data tailoured to your business, identify the problem and provide a solution using our technologies. from graphics to web-development, we make proper researches before getting our hands ready to work.

Quality and Speed delivery

Every business deserves quality services. this is why my team and I will not stop till we make sure we get you the quality service you deserve. well, while providing quality, we don't sleep on speed.
Time is money right? .. We value you time, this is why we will work in the smallest fraction of time to make sure you get quality services while maintaining the speed of light.


We are focused on quality. giving the very best is what we are known for since 2019

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we are trusted by thousands of businesses in Nigeria. we are also certified by the coporate affairs commission of Nigeria

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Quick delivery

you don't have to wait till forever, contact us and we will get it done in speed of light!

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